A Secret Encampment In B.C. ?

Report from Brian Vike

Date: Friday, February 27 @ 01:13:25 CST
Topic: British Columbia Reports

Posted: February 27, 2004

Hi Brian

Just read your story on the CAUS website. I was born in Vancouver, but have spent much of the last ten years in Arizona. I'm very close friends with some of the most recognized names in UFO investigations, and in fact, lectured on the topic myself in the '90s.

Since you're going to be visiting this lady with regards to her UFO experience, and you obviously are a B.C. resident yourself, I have some information that you may be interested in and might want to pursue further.

I used to train horses in the 100 Mile House area around 1980-81. Some of our clients were wealthy German and Swiss families who seems quite out of place considering the remote location. In 1991, while staying in Paradise Valley, AZ, I was told by a well-known Bulgarian UFOlogist that B.C. had been home to a secret German encampment where high-tech flying saucers and advanced aerial vehicles had been engineered and tested since the '50s. It was said to be isolated and near a railroad. Putting 2 and 2 together, I asked a friend of my dad's, a Lac La Hache resident since 1955 if he'd heard any stories about odd objects seen in the skies, and a secret encampment of sorts.

To my surprise, he answered right away, with a "YES" to both inquiries. Plenty of sightings and definitely a remote, highly guarded, foreign-inhabited, self-contained village. There are several mines on the property and their supplies and personal are largely brought in by float plane. This fellow used to deliver oil to most ranches and businesses in the Cariboo - so he knew who and what was out there. Nobody I've ever told this to has investigated further, which still leaves me wondering what is going on.

The location is called Eagle, and /or Murphy Lake. Both names show up on the topographical map. It is south and east of the Lac La Hache ... I believe near the Green Lake area. From what I've heard, armed guards will meet you on the roughly-kept logging road and deny entry to outsiders. Sounds tougher than Area 51 to get a glimpse of.

If the opportunity arises, perhaps asking a few questions from locals around Lilloet will get you a bit more information, or some nervous glances. Their reactions will tell you a lot. That area is well known to hunters, as I understand it, and they know to keep away from Eagle lake.

Good luck with your investigations. Nice to meet a fellow CAUS fan. Peter is a great friend of mine and an incredible crusader for UFO information.

Regards, (name deleted) Richmond, B.C.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research

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