Finnish UFO Hoax

Report from Minna Laajala

15th July 1999

The following announcement is translation from Matias Paatalo's original report.

Finnish UFO Hoax

Reported encounter of a UFO and a Finnish Air Force Hornet fighter plane in Lapland is a hoax.

The case in brief:

In the winter 1999 it was reported (e.g. UFO ROUNDUP Volume 4 Number 1 January 5, 1999), that Finnish Air Force F18A-Hornet encountered UFO in Lapland (Northern Finland) on March 31 year 1997. The pilot had told that he observed a UFO in the air around Inarinjarvi (The Lake of Inari). The bright object was disk-shaped and orange-colored. It was alleged that the object was also observed by Lapland's radar-control. Pilot's radio communication broke off and there appeared some electrical-system malfunctions on Hornet. According to the story the Air traffic control gave the permission to fire, but F 18A Hornet's 20 mm cannon weapon system jammed unexplainable. UFO disappeared at the speed of 4,5 Mach to the east.

This story is possibly intentional misinformation intending to annoy UFO researchers or the Finnish Air Force. The story can't stand the following facts:

1) Man can only guess why someone is started to act as a ghost-pilot and call up crisis intervention hotline. The real Hornet pilot wouldn't do in that way. Exceptional hard selecting-tests proves that.

2) Hornets in Finland are type F18C and F 18D, not F 18A as the story tells.

3) The pilot is not known by name at Finnish Air Force files.

4) Hornets came to Lapland wing not until 11.1.1999.

5) Cannons aren't used on training flights in Finland.

6) If event would be true that would be currently informed along with a statement.

7) Any report about encounter between UFO and Hornet doesn't exist.

The background of the event

Mysterious phone-call came to a helping service-phone last year. The duty officer got a call from a man who introduced himself as a Finnish Hornet-pilot and have met UFO at Lapland. The man was anguished because of the experience. He was also asking how should be proceeded because of the event. He also stated his name and a major to be his military rank.

Completely indefinite, unstudied and relied only to telephone conversation the rumors about the event started to move. They also reached critical UFO researchers, who were naturally interested in the reality of the event. Checking started.

The name of the caller was found. The man himself has not been found. Existing of the pilot and the name that was told are odd to Defence Force. The checking from the Air Force staff from Tikkakoski made sure, that non Hornet-pilot with that name is in the Finnish Air Force. Defence Force's medical superintendent, medical colonel Matti Ponteva keeps up the possibility, that the "pilot" sufferers from mentally problems. "The motive of the call is difficult to estimate, because the person remains unknown. Genuine Hornet-pilot he couldn't have been", assures Ponteva.

Investigations in both Lapland's Wings and Finnish Air Force on the staff indicates that event in question hasn't been reported during the mentioned time. Lapland Wing's commander colonel Sippo Ryynanen affirms also that any Hornet plane units has not been there at that time, and thus no any Hornet could have been in the air. Hornets brought to Finland are type F18C and F 18D, not type F 18A, like the story says. Hornets came to Lapland-Wing not until 11.1.1999. Cannon shot aren't shoot on training.

"If actual UFO-meeting would have taken place, then we would find flight-and control-reports, extract from the minutes of pilot's interview, formal statements, conclusion and the summary of technical staff. Pilot can observe rare phenomena in the atmosphere, but this described case is completely baseless. I heard about this not until now. If case would happened that would be known here", says colonel Ryynanen. Currently information system along the Air Force has any reason for conceal these kinds of events. They are mainly nature's own lights but unknown phenomena can be among others. Universities examine many new phenomena, so formal and critical UFO-researchers do get information as needed.

Finnish Air Force's the staff information service major Kalevi Reiman says he has seen the story in the Internet. He confirms case as totally groundlessness, so the ghost-pilot has been active. The same answer is given also from the Armed Forces. There information service Erkki Paukkunen wonders the caller's behavior.

Rumour still spreads in the Internet

The story is now spreaded on the Internet and already got international attention. The Air Force on the staff is annoyed about the groundless UFO-rumour. Information service major Kalevi Reiman says: "If actual UFO-Hornet-conflict would have occurred, that would be known certainly on the Air Force on the staff and would be told to researcher, and a statement would also been given to the public".

Science and UFOs younger investigator Sampo Puoskari finds the case extremely regrettable because the reputation of UFOs as a target of serious research get even worse. "This is clear indication so that those who spreads UFO-Hornet-story on Internet hasn't spiritually spine and sense of responsibility. Story of conflict is spread in Internet already to tens of pages without that these propagators anyhow are bothered to examine the case", says Puoskari.

Interviews made by Matias Paatalo:

- Lapland's Wing commander Colonel Sippo Ryynanen

- The staff of Tikkakoski`s information service major Kalevi Reiman

- information service of the General Staff Erkki Paukkunen

- Science and UFOs research group's researcher Sampo Puoskari

- Defence Force's medical superintendent, medical Colonel Matti Ponteva

Minna Laajala
UFO-Finland (only in Finnish)

Article taken from the UFO UpDates Mailing List and posted with permission.

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