Fireball Anomalies

A report from Jennifer Jarvis

January 28th 1999

From a message to Joseph Trainor the editor of UFO Roundup:

I just read your UFO Roundup and noticed more mention of those fireballs/anomalies that have been so common recently. The contrails that produce smoke and then sickness seem to be on the increase too.

I am attaching two stills from my video that I taped on July 24th. This "event" was odd because it actually changed direction, and sort of snaked down towards the horizon. Have you come across any that look similar to this? I find it hard to believe that this is a normal aircraft, but you never know !



I wonder if anyone else has similar footage/stills to compare with these events. We saw the same type of event on THREE consecutive nights, with identical timings. We have put up two short video clips of the July 24th event on ORBWATCH.

I then saw a further similar event on September 16th, but that one differed in that two balls of light shot out from the primary object, and headed off in different directions. Unfortunately, I was coming home from the vet and didn't have any camera equipment with me, only my binoculars.

It would be great to get a collection of images together and see if we are all seeing the same sort of events!

Best wishes.



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