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Hope, British Columbia Frightening Sounds And Sightings

I have grown here in the city all my life, just recently moved here to the Fraser Valley, it's serene and beautiful. Through the years my family and myself have seen strange things not of the normal world. When I was younger, my father and mother brought me to visit an old familiar campsite near Hope, B.C. as a young child we camped out there often every year and would go swimming and fishing near the river, the last night there we found it was condemned one night, we still decided to remain through the rest of the night for some rest. My father and mother slept up front of the car while I laid in the back seat. As we began to fall asleep, we heard the strangest sounds coming near the creek that crossed into the river late that night. It was very loud and very close by.

It was no dog, not a bear or owl, no cougar, no coyote or other familiar animal we know of since we had many encounters with these animals and watched many animal shows through the years and went camping alot, the sound wasn't familiar, it was loud enough to wake up both my parents, we sat quietly to listen, we heard it screaming a couple more times, I was scared and wanted out of there fast as could be, my father told me it will pass on, whatever it was seemed curious enough to come near the car, though we were too scared to look to see, except my father; who I always looked up to and was a strong man, he went out to scare it off, then whatever it was, left.

I will never forget the sounds it made that clear quiet night. I'm still curious what it may have been, as curious to why they have condemned this site even though there had been floods in that area, it still looked the same as it did besides the rocks carried from the waters, there was also an old house that seemed to have just been left as if someone has just got up and left suddenly, it sat right beside the water up a bit on a hill edge, a car or two sat alone beside it as well as the house that contained many furnishings. We dare not touched any of it. It's an unpredictable world. We believe to leave it the way it was found. It seemed odd.That same night while we waited for this creature to pass on, we heard some lady voice singing, not in words, but like a humming sound, in the near distance as if it came from that house or close by the creek, the rest of the area was all forest or river and near a waterfall but not close enough to hear it.

The lady sounded haunting and it drew closer to us as if she was standing right above the creek as she sang louder, and her voice was very echoey like, we also hear wolves yelping close by her as she sang. As it started to get closer towards us, it brought shivers down our backs and creeped us right out! We got out of there right away fast as the car would get started. It still takes my breathe away if I'm talking about this.

I have seen TV documentaries about the big foot creature that filmed it's noise on the last episode of one. It sounded just like what I heard, I never had a chance to record the TV doc, but I wish I had, since they never filmed again and i grew tired of re-runs, I hoped to see another newer episode, but unfortunately they never did. I'm curious to why?

I have seen strange lights with accompany to another person with me that witnessed the same lights as me one night driving on the number 1 hwy, it was a green light that sat and hovered then floated fast in the sky. We went to see my mom, she said the family seen this too after having a BBQ outside that summer of 1995? I was 19- I'm 32 now and can clearly recall. As a child I would have strange dreams about UFOs trying to follow me, while I stayed with my grandmother, they would chase me around her neighborhood in my dream while I ran to hide to get away from them telling my family that I wasn't lying and proving to them they were real. That age I didn't know what they were and was scared like crazy. Hopefully, it is not anything to afraid of and if these beings from someplace else are just here to help, if they're real. With being a mom myself its hard to explain these things to my children who ask me what UFO's and aliens are and if they are real. I still have no answer for them and wonder if I should be afraid to tell them I believe they are.

Thanks for replying back, take care!

Thank you to the witness for such an interesting story of what has happened.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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