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Inexplicata contributor injured during ghost research

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
December 18, 2006

by Scott Corrales

It came to our attention this weekend thanks to Angel Rodriguez of Universo Prohibido that our good friend and long-time Inexplicata correspondent Jose Manuel Garcia Bautista had been injured during the course his ghost-hunting activities. This injury may have cost him the sight in one of his eyes.

According to the information that has reached us over the past 48 hours, Jose Manuel had been called out to investigate a haunting and was faced with a "large ball of light" in the house. When he approached this strange phenomenon, it apparently exploded, producing "ulcers in his left eye." An e-mail circulated this morning by his wife Leonor suggests that Jose Manuel will not know for another ten days if the damage is permanent.

Leonor's e-mail message reads thus: "He paid a visit that morning [Friday, 12/16/06] to a house where he was told strange things were going on and blue orbs of light [were being reported]. He was there for a while until he saw one of these orbs, and upon approaching it, it began to swell and that thing supposedly exploded. You know what he's like - if something attracts his attention, rather than keeping safe, he's the first to get closer and closer in order to get to the bottom of things. He has paid a very high price for his curiosity this time around."

INEXPLICATA wishes Jose Manuel Garcia - a bold and knowledgeable researcher of the paranormal, generous to a fault - a speedy recovery and a positive outcome to this injury sustained in the line of duty.

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