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Spain: Injured Researcher Speaks Out

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
December 20, 2006


The accident involving paranormal researcher Jose Manuel Garcia Bautista could well be one of the most convoluted reports received in recent months. Electronic pros and cons regarding the exact nature of his accident continue making the rounds of the Internet five days after it occured. Among the variants of the story we may count the following:

-- A strange orb of blue light struck the researcher in the eye (the version recieved by Inexplicata)
-- The researcher hurt his eye against a projecting ledge built in a wall as he avoided a blow from a "ghostly shadow"
-- A bizarre poltergeist phenomenon is stalking the researcher and blinded him (*)
-- Seville researcher lost sight in one eye after having been attacked by a ghost.

Prompted by all this confusion, Jose Manuel was forced to go against doctor's orders and post his own third-person comment to the Internet, which reads: "The official story is that Jose Manuel went to a house where strange events are allegedly taking place. The person accompanying him to the site was smoking. When Jose Manuel opened the door to one bedroom, he saw an intense purple glow heading right toward him, a ball that grew in size as it approached, followed by an explosion. Immediately after, he felt an intense burning sensation in his left eye and fell to the ground. He heard a voice say: "an explosion! an explosion!" and thought at that moment that he'd left his eyeball on the floor. Stunned, both men reported immediately to the hospital. The likeliest answer - an explosion by a gas pocket that entered in contact with the other man's cigarette, resulting in temporary blindness in one eye due to three medium-sized corneal ulcers. Prognosis: he will be able to see out of that eye in 10 days."

However, researcher Angel Rodriguez of Spain's Universo Prohibido questions Jose Manuel's explanation: "A cigarette would not be the answer. A spark or flame would be needed to set off a detonation; the glowing cigarette tip could not cause it. The owner of a store once proved this by opening a gas tank and approaching it with a lit cigarette. A gas explosion would not have limited itself to burning [Jose Manuel's] eye, it would have burned his entire body."

Gas explosion or ghostly intruder, we are pleased to learn of the positive outcome to Jose Manuel's injury and look forward to his written report on the incident and many other cases he is currently working on.

(*) This belief is probably connected to the fact that the researcher was pushed down a flight of stairs by unseen hands during his investigation into the hauntings at Seville's "Viandas" restaurant

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