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October 18, 2005

SOURCE: www.ovni.net
DATE: October 16, 2005

by Lucy Guzman, Ovni.net

On Tuesday, October 11, 2005, Enrique (Quique) Ortiz, a librarian with the La Parguera Library, phoned me to put me in touch with youhg Francisco Feliu, eyewitness to a ghostly manifestation that has been taking place since Saturday, October 8, 2005 on Route PR 101 in Barrio El Tendal, Lajas, Puerto Rico.

According to Francisco's report, and the reports of dozens of witnesses interviewed by this research team (consisting of Andrew Alvarez, Orlando Pla, Ana Rios, Daniel Altieri and the undersigned, Lucy Guzman), indicate that the manifestation occurs between 12 midnight and 04:00 hours, approximately.

The legend states that a woman died in a car accident in the 1990s. A cross was placed on the site, and that a horse tore up the cross with its reins. The woman has been appearing since then.

On the morning of October 13, at 1:58 a.m., Francisco phoned me full of excitement, as he was at the scene of the events and the manifestation was taking place. I was able to speak to the police officers and other eyewitnesses on site, and listen to the reactions of those present at the time. The police barred anyone from approaching the bridge. I spoke with officer Alexis Salinas over the cell phone, being the officer on duty at the time, who confirmed the apparition was taking place. I requested authorization to have Robert (Bebé) Adley and Edward Camacho (a 22 year-old student from Universidad de Mayagüez and a resident of La Parguera, Lajas, P.R.) to visit the bridge and document the phenomenon, which he accepted. With Bebe on the bridge, Edward approached him, all the while documenting the apparition on videotape. Those present could see how the "mysterious woman" came out to the highway, circled Bebe, withdrew, went away, etc. Bebe was unable to see her, but those standing further away, at a 70 foot distance, could see her and hear her scream, calling for her mother or for "Pablo". Edward's video camera was also able to capture the image and record the screams.

A description of what was seen on the 11th, according to eyewitness testimony:

If there is someone on the bridge, or seated on its edge, the woman will sit beside him/her but cannot be seen. However, those standing some 70 feet away can see her as a normal person, which is to say, fully materialized but without a face or feet. They can alert those beside her, but they cannot see her.

- The apparition always appears in an extremely clean white robe
- The clothing moves, or she smoothes it out
- She walks both slowly and quickly
- There is no face visible; she tosses her hair over her face
- Feet cannot be seen
- She claps
- Has very long black hair
- Cries loudly (a scream or cry can be heard when she first appears)
- Laughs
- Shouts out names like: María, Pablo, Carlos, Mamá, Papá, always dragging the final syllable
- Jumps
- Dances
- Hides
- Jumps backward off the bridge (there is a small stream and a large pipe under the bridge from which she jumps)
- Leaves no footprints
- Drags her feet
- Walks the perimeter some 20 feet
- Materializes behind trees, bridge or on the highway
- Falls to the ground in a fetal position
- Some say she looks like [character from] Lord of the Rings
- Floats with feet in the air
- Those who visit the site perceive a smell of sulfur. They compare the odor to that of charcoal when smoking an item. The odor adheres to the skin and clothing of those who stand near her.
- Temperature drops when she appears
- Figure appears to crawl.

[The figure] never leaves the bridge area, moving exclusively in that area. People keep away for this very reason, although on some occasions they had the impression that she was approaching them, but withdrew.

On the night of October 13 to the early hours of October 14, our research team went to investigate this apparition. At least a thousand people had congregated that evening. Lt. Villanueva had to file a complaint in order to justify calling in more police reinforcements and the Crash Squad. There were no manifestations that evening, but our camcorders managed to pick up some anomalies that are currently under analysis.

The apparition and diffusion [of this case] in all news media has caused the number of curiosity seekers to jump from 20 on Saturday to over 1000 the next Friday. This has caused municipal, state, crash squad and emergency management personnel to be mobilized, and having floodlights placed throughout the area. The site has turned into a town fair that attracts thousands and where T-shirts bearing a drawing of the ghostly woman are sold, along with refreshments, shish kebabs, water, pineapples and other treats.

Camacho's video has already been analyzed and was submitted for validation. We are also in the process (thanks to the collaboration of officer Alexis Salinas, Karina Guerra Mayoral, Dennis Rivera Santiago and the relatives of the young woman who died on the spot in the 1990s) of researching the information on the accident that took place at the location.

We must return to the site, but when so many thousands of people have stopped visiting it. The conclusions of the investigation will be made known in due time.

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[UFOINFO Note: Also see this report.]

Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, IHU.
Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO


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