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Granisle, British Columbia Canada A Witnesses Journal Of UFO Events

Date of sightings, Throughout December 2007

HBCC UFO Research Note: UFO sightings and more is still taking place in Granisle, British Columbia. From what I understand there are many people talking about seeing unusual lights to unknown craft of strange shapes and sizes. I am just waiting for the highways to clear a bit and I will be heading to Granisle to meet everyone involved. These events are taking place in December 2007.

Here is my journal.

After seeing the event take place on the Granisle Highway on the way home from Houston, things have gotten strange to say the least.

We have been having, what most people might consider paranormal activity happening in our house and my daughters. It started out with my 17 year old son hearing low mumbling voices in the room next to mine. I told him to drag the mattress into my room. My husband stays in camp during the week while working. My son did drag the mattress in and that night we both had a lot of difficulty sleeping. Both of us had breezes blowing on us and just a very strange eerie sleep. The following night was the same only more intense, and before bedtime my son heard a noise in a room in the basement by our steps. When he went to investigate the dark room and he saw a very dark figure standing there. He ran.

Outside, the "clouds" have been very strange. When the day or night is absolutely clear with a billion stars in the sky, suddenly a fog will show up starting very small and growing huge, then just as suddenly disappear. One of the neighborhood kids and his girlfriend saw an orb hovering over my daughters building among other things.

The next night, which would be a Friday my husband was home. The air was the same in the room. The blankets felt as though they were being lifted then dropped which would create a slight breeze around you. My son again saw a figure, but in the room we were sleeping and he kept getting touched. He was very upset and I finally got up with him and then after going to bed it continued to bother him badly. He finally got so upset he got up. I could still feel it as well, but dropped off to sleep. At 8:00 am, I could feel my blankets moving slowly and suddenly my husband sat straight up in bed and swore loudly telling whatever it was to go away in not so many words! The blankets were being pulled off of us from the bottom of the bed. We got up.

The next night was uneventful for my husband, but I could still feel the strange air and was shaken awake. My son, was shaken about the very same time and got up staying awake.

Sunday, my husband had to go back to camp and we had a very horrible night. Before my husband left, he mentioned that we should sleep in the living room downstairs and take the dogs with us. We set up camp down there and prepared to watch movies until we fell asleep.

I made myself a bed on the couch and he drug a mattress in on the floor. He sat on the couch by a lamp to draw while we watched TV. I was feeling confident that we wouldn't have to leave for much of anything and began to say as much. I said, "Well, we have our phone, we have our bottled water, we have tissue, we even have our cryptonite!" When suddenly I was grabbed on my butt! I jumped up screaming. When I settled down enough, I put my thickest blanket over the couch to lie on, because it felt as though it was coming through the crack of the sofa. My son had been going through this already but not as intense of a touch. We put out a video camera.

At about 12:00 a.m. (midnight), there was a BANG, BANG, BANG on the door. We almost jumped out of our skin. My son crept to the door with his knife. It was my daughter, who was almost in tears and her boyfriend. They were hollering and my son yelled for me to come! They told us that they were chased by a UFO and wanted us to go out and see it. They did not want to go with us. They were so upset and said "You have got to be kidding!" Where the sky had been perfectly clear was now fogged! Like I said these strange fogs just show up, and then leave as fast as they came.

The story they told was unbelievable. They were watching TV in my daughters apartment. Now they had been hearing strange things for days, but this was different. There was something making a lot of racket in the attic. They took a flashlight and stacked a chair on top of a trunk in the spare bedroom where the attic door is located. My daughter is too short to get up there safely, so her boyfriend went up alone. He got in and he says he saw a very tall, dark figure that darted away fast as he looked at it. This scared him so bad, that jumped out of the attic not caring if he missed the chair or not. He yelled, "Get out! Get out of the room! Go, Go, Go!" My daughter says, "Why? What's going on?!" He says, I saw something up there! It was fast, it didn't even make a sound! It moved without a sound!"

They were standing outside the bedroom door. It was closed. My daughter says, "I don't want my cat in there B! The attic door is still open." He responded, "Are you kidding me? I am not going back in there ever again!" Finally she convinced him to open the door a crack enough to see the cat, who was sitting under the chair on the trunk staring up at the hole. When called, this kitten always comes. She wouldn't even look at them. It took what seemed many minutes to get her attention and out of there. After closing the door it suddenly started shaking. Someone was on the other side rattling it hard and the kitten darted away, spinning out in the kitchen. There was a hiccup coming from the room with the attic! They grabbed the kitten and ran out the front door.

While running, my daughter noticed these strange striped clouds over just over the apartment building. Her boyfriend said, "That is strange." She thought he was talking about the clouds but he was talking about the object in the sky with sparkling lights coming toward them. They were running as fast as they could and my daughter kept looking back at it. Her boyfriend told her not to keep looking back because it was slowing them down. It followed then stopped, and so on. They made it to my house. She said it was round and sparkling, but I do not remember the color.

We pulled another mattress into the living room (in basement) and watched a movie. At about 4:00 am we turned off the TV and were about to sleep when there was what sounded like footsteps crunching in the snow and a huge BANG!, like someone hitting the wall. It was either in the house or up against it. We all ran upstairs and searched and saw or heard nothing. Back downstairs and just settling in and the same thing. Crunch, crunch, BANG! We went to sleep.

That day, I took the kids over and we looked in the attic. I didn't bring a ladder and I could not pull myself up into it, so the boyfriend and my daughter got in there. I helped her up. I was tall enough to see in there and there was drywall broken out from the side separating the apartment on the right with my daughters. The insulation had also been disturbed in places you aren't able to step. No activity though that I could see.

They decided to try to sleep there.

I spoke to my husband on Messenger and told him about the events. He was very upset and wanted us to sleep at my moms up the hill. We didn't want to do that unless it really scared us again. That night, I felt pretty good and had no events at all, except that my son was being touched so often it was upsetting him very badly. Another night for both of us with little or no sleep at all.

The clouds/fog were really getting to me.

Sometime early afternoon I decided, since my son laid down for a nap and seemed to be undisturbed, I would go up to my moms. While sitting for a visit my husband walked in. He was very worried and wanted to find out for himself what was happening. We went home and he had a nap to prepare for an all nighter.

It was very clear out. You could see all the stars. My daughter and I go for a drive. It is dark now. We go down to the lake and we see this fog start up just between us and the road above us. It starts to get eerie and then suddenly an orange light shoots out of the sky into the cloud. We go home to get my husband. When we get there he is standing outside with the dogs looking at the sky. He got a little spooked inside and decided to go out. After he put the dogs in the house, I pick him up and take him down to the lake. We start observing all the strange "stars" and "planets" And the sudden appearance and disappearance of the fogs. My husband kind of dismisses things so we go home. Later, as my husband is again sleeping on the couch, my son and daughter and I were keeping our eyes open. At about 2:00 am, my husband was asleep on the couch and my daughter and son call me to the window asking me what the light was above our neighbors roof over the lake. I said, "Let's go see."

So we walked down toward the lake and it is as clear as a bell out. Suddenly a fog appears, starting out small and growing and growing until it is like a path from where we came. Then it totally circles us. We couldn't see the light on the lake anymore. I started to get really scared that it is trapping us, so we go home and get the truck. After we get back down there and sit for about 2 minutes still in the truck I see it! It is octagon in shape and it is coming down the lake from Smithers direction. It is flying low and had red and green/blue lights all around it. I said, "Oh my God, there it is, there it is!" The kids jump out of the truck and I am freaking for them not to. Then I got out too and it flew over our heads and there is a rumble like a jet very loud. My son starts flicking his lighter at it wanting it to see us! I tell him "Don't!" It continues on in a straight path and finally the blinking lights couldn't be seen. We are so excited! Mystified! Scared! We get back in the truck because it is cold. The strange fog appears rapidly over the lake. We ask each other if it was a jet or what? Suddenly there is a huge blue flash that lights up the sky and it comes from the direction that we saw the "jet" go. It streaks across the sky a lit up octagon shape at lightning speed and it stops right in front of us across the lake and sits there, now just looking like a star or planet. "Meteorites" are everywhere.

I panic and drive off and the kids are complaining loudly that I am taking them away from this event that is once in a lifetime. I tell them I want their dad, and I go to get him! I wake him up and he mumbles and goes back to sleep. The kids are waiting in the truck, keeping an eye on the light that loomed there. I feel like a heel, but I am terrified at the thought of taking them back there to the unknown, but I do anyway. First I stop at my brothers, wake him up and take him with us back down to the lakeside. We park the same way facing the lake but as far back from it as possible. As we sit there, we start to see them. There are at least four maybe more. There are two hovering on the lake and one comes out from the trees on the other side and goes straight up and hovers there. It moves up and down up and down over a little then up and down. There are more over on the other side glowing through the trees. The fog appears again. Then the one on the left of us which appears to be hovering on the lake and is a long strip of lights with what looked like a search light in the center starts to get too close. My kids are in the back of the truck and I fear for them so I start to drive off. My brother wants me to stop and look for a minute more. I do this and then leave. I dropped my brother off and we went into his place to discuss what we saw.

Then I go home and my husband is up. My kids continue to watch out the window and see the one on the lake which we now know was the one that lured us down there to begin with. It is glowing and from that distance you can only see the search light thing. I asked my husband to go and see with me, because I really wanted him to experience what we did. Finally after about half an hour he asks if I want to go. We did. As we were heading down to the lake he saw a very large black shape over the lake and then it faded out. After that he only got to see the one on the lake by the mine and the strange fog that took over the whole area immediately after we got there. We could hear what he thought was the barge starting up. After that we saw no more activity. We drove up to my moms because he thought we could get a better view from her driveway. We sat there for a few minutes when I saw in the sky above the lake what looked like red and green lights flashing. It flew from the burns lake side of the lake toward Smithers but not following the lake like I saw the other lower craft. This one was much higher and sounded jet-like. Suddenly the fog got huge and glowing white. It came up so fast and then it began coming toward us. We went home and in the two minutes that took, the fog totally covered Granisle. My kids were at the kitchen window and had seen a light hovering above the neighbor house behind us. This neighbor stays up all night it seems like we have been. I wonder why?

I am so relieved to get this all down safely. I was just typing the last long paragraph when I realized I had my toe on the power button and it was shutting my pc down. Figures I would lose it all, but luckily I managed to save. I feel like if it isn't written, everything is getting foggy and fading from memory. Strange. As I sit here this morning looking out the kitchen window, the sky is overcast. The mountain across the lake is bright and sunny above it. and a huge pancake cloud above the sunny area as usual. I feel now like the touchy feely stuff going on in our house is like energy. Not of the spiritual kind though. The brand new video camera we got that takes beautiful pictures normally, sure did act strange. It wouldn't even allow a shot of the craft, even though it was as big as a house. The shots we got in the house are very odd.

December 12th, 2007 3:00 a.m.

My son was watching TV in living room, and I was finally asleep for about a half an our beside him on the couch. Both dogs were with us, they were very alert and looked nervous but didn't make a sound. He was trying to wake me. Poking me yelling at me etc.. Finally I awakened after a very long, long time. There was a loud hovering sound and someone walking around in the upper floor. The TV picture was going all strange. It was going small and big and small, narrowing on all sides. We were both paralyzed in fear. After about a half hour of listening to the whirring and the creeping around sounds in the house, we got the nerve to go and look around. We found nothing.

About 4:00 pm. We were sitting in the kitchen and my daughter looked out the patio doors and yelled! I don't even want to tell you what she saw in the tree that jumped to another tree.

December 13th, 2007.

In the evening at about dinner time, my daughter called and asked me to drive her down to Topley Landing restaurant. The night sky was clear as a bell and very starry. I drove over to pick her up on Morrison St. Both her and her boyfriend were standing outside pointing up in the sky toward Topley. I watched as two crafts were zipping around following each other. Blue and red lights. We watched them as we drove to the landing. After the boyfriend came out of the lodge we continued to watch three crafts flying by the moon. I saw the owner of the lodge doing something outside near a shed and I told the boyfriend to yell at him and tell him to look. The man couldn't hear us so I drove over to him and pointed. He came over and I told him to look at the space ships and he looked and said, "Oh ya, we see them all the time."

After we got home I looked above our house and noticed these strange stars above. They were in the shape of an octagon. They were there for about ten minutes and then one at a time they disappeared. The fog started in but only where you would walk.

I was talking to my husband on msn and telling him about the noises in the house and he insisted that I go up to my moms to stay until he could get home the next day. I promised I would. My son came running in. It was about 8:00pm. He was very upset and told me that he saw a small midget-like thing run across the road in front of him. It was black and ran on 2 legs and had two arms. It ran down the trail to the lake. He was very afraid when he saw it and yelled. He said it was 3.5 maybe 4 feet tall. We went to my moms. Shortly after my brother came up and I took him for a drive to the lake with the headlights out. We could see the light dimming and getting bright across the lake. We sat for maybe 5 minutes when he looked above the truck and saw a saucer shape (black). We jumped out and it would zip away so fast. Then return and then zip away as soon as you could see it.

At some point after midnight the dogs needed to go outside and one of them took off up to the water tower. He took several pictures outside and especially in the fog there are orb-like things everywhere. The fog would climb around the house and disappear very fast and then return. Very odd. There were many "meteorites".

December 14th, 2007

Pretty uneventful but the sky was very clouded over. Every once in a while in the evening there was a blink or a flash, but that was all besides the poking and bugging in the house.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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