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Granisle, British Columbia More UFO Activity - Witness Followed By Craft

December 15, 2007

No major sightings. No mysterious fog. Some minor UFO movement high in the sky above the lake at approx: 3:00am.(on the 16th)

My daughter heard strange clicking noises outside which seemed to come from the trees on both sides of the road, so she got me and I went out and heard clicking noises as well. My daughter decided to snap some photos.

We looked at the photos taken around the house next door which captured more orbs and one "being" peering out the window of the empty house. After taking several more photos to rule out a reflection or coincidental whatever, we've all agreed it appears to be authentic and obvious.

My husband yelled from the living room that the TV picture was growing small and large.

December 16, 2007

We took more pictures of the house next door and even peered into the window in the daylight and have come to the unanimous agreement that the shape of the alien in the photo cannot be explained away by reflections or anything else. There is nothing in the space the shape occupied.

They are out in full force tonight December 16th, starting around 7:00pm. We ran out the door, me in my bare feet so didn't even look at the time. There were 4 smaller ones that we could see very plainly zipping around and up and down and all around and they go very fast at times, but They swayed like attached by a string from side to side when the were more stationary. We also saw the big ship (jet sounding) Flew over us and then a while later coming another way and stopped then disappeared then again looked as if it was coming toward us and then disappeared. Very loud.

OK, I was talking to my husband who left this afternoon for camp in Burns Lake and he said that he was followed all the way to Topley by a craft. It flew along side him at quite a distance. Now as he sits in his bunk house there is banging and crashing going on and something on the roof. He is the only one in there as it is Sunday and the rest of the guys don't come till Monday.

As I was talking to my husband online I received an urgent phone call around 10 pm or so. It was my mom and she says, "Get up here! It is huge!" She heard her dog vomiting outside and as she opened the door to get him, she immediately saw a huge, bright light appear and she called her husband out to see as well. She said "it was as if someone turned on their snowmobile light in the fog." It lifted up and under it there were a bunch of white glowing smaller balls of light. By the time we (my youngest 17 year old son and my 21 year old daughter) got up there we saw a huge glow above the water tower about the size of a football field. It was hovering up and down. It remained there for a good half hour before it began to glide what seemed to be away from us further into the hills...

Eventually the light, which was now a blue glow in the strategically placed fog and seemed to move farther back up or around the mountain. Finally the fog became a thick black cloud with a perfect glowing white outline. The cloud was lying low, covering only the area where the light was emanating from, and sometimes there appeared to be holes in the cloud straight through to the glow. That went on for about an hour longer but it slowly faded down to a dull blue glow in and the cloud wasn't as black anymore.

My two daughters, youngest son and the boyfriend decided to walk up to the water tower, much to my dismay. On the way up my oldest daughter and the boyfriend each witnessed an orb cross their path ahead, then they came across some very strange footprints (not human) in the snow, and saw a flash in the woods, at which point she began photographing and making a video of the prints. As they got closer to the water tower, they saw more flashes. They were small flashing points in the darkness between the trees, "like someone flicking a lighter". Then they noticed a steady glowing orb higher in a tree, less than 20 feet away from where they were on the road, probably about 15-20 feet up the tree. At that point they realized that something was there looking straight at them and it was time to go home.

When we see these things I wish at the time that there were others around to see it as well. My fear is that I would run up to one of the houses and bang on the door, and drag someone out, only to find the things gone. I would feel so foolish. These things happen so fast and then you are afraid to look away incase you miss something.

I have to mention that when driving down to the lake during a sighting I usually turn out the headlights. My truck allows me to drive without. Today, Dec 16th I didn't have my own truck and was using my son's car which has automatic driving lights and they stay on. I noticed each time I drove down to the lake with the lights on, all the lights and activity halted until we had the car and lights turned off. Sometimes it would be up to 20 min. before the UFOs would resume their "work?"

As I sit here typing this, it is 2:40 am Monday, December 17th and from my window I can see one of the UFOs between the lodge and the resort at the lake.

Thank you to the witnesses for the amazing report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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