Date: Mid 2002
Time: ---

Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Punch Biopsy Markings.

Full Description of event/sighting: I have read an article in your archive, dedicated to the mysterious 'Punch Biopsy' markings.

In mid 2002, I woke one morning to find what looked like a spider bite on my right leg. The bite, around the calf-muscle region, was around 7mm to 10mm in diameter.

After reading a number of these related articles, I realized that this marking was very similar to those of other "victims".

After a week, the area became very swollen, and I was admitted to the Hospital Emergency Ward. The doctor summarized it as an 'Infected Insect Bite', and I was given a number of antibiotic medications to use over a number of days.

At the time, the marking was very similar to what other doctors call 'Punch Biopsy', but he believed it was just an infected bite.

I still have a scar of the marking, but it is very difficult to see. I am shocked to see that it is relatively in the same spot as other victims, but it is located on the leg. Maybe there are many more people with this marking, but don't know what it could actually be.

Thank you for your time.

Additional Information:

Hello Brian, thanks for your super fast reply.

Yes, I believe I may have had contact with extra terrestrials in the past.

I remember when I was about 5 Years of age, and was asleep in bed. I woke up around midnight and saw that I was surrounded by three dark, very tall figures standing around my bed. They were a lot different from a 'Gray'. After I had noticed them, I fell back asleep again. You would think that if you saw something like that, you would be pumped with so much adrenalin that it would be impossible just to fall straight back to sleep. After that experience, I have always had trouble sleeping and was afraid of the dark.

Even today, I still wake at night in terror of something in the dark or outside.

A few years after the incident, I wake up in the morning with scratches and bruises that weren't there the day before, or where I never injured myself.

The most frightening of these cases was when I woke up one morning to find my pillow soaked with blood from a bleeding nose, and my foot broken. I could not have broken my foot by myself, as I didn't realize it the day before, and that day - I had stayed inside playing Nintendo. So, somehow I must have broken my foot in my sleep. At that time, I was around 10.

At that age, I enjoyed science, electronics and space. I would always find time to read a few UFO books from the library. I was interested in UFOs, and sometimes even asked my teachers if they had ever seen any. One teacher said that she thought she had seen one day. She said that three bright lights were flying randomly out on the Horizon. They joined together to form a triangle and flew over her head.

Around the age of 12, I believe I witnessed an alien abduction from my grandmother's house in Murwillumbah, NSW Australia. It was late at night and I had just gone to bed, when on the Horizon I saw a bright light.

It was beaming a spotlight or something down on the area below it. This object was maybe 100 to 200 Meters away from me. At first I thought it was a search Helicopter, but I could not hear any engines. Murwillumbah was a quiet town, mainly populated by quiet, religious people who keep to themselves. I didn't know if anyone was abducted that night, but it would have been very difficult to find out as everyone rarely speaks. Most people live by themselves.

One day I asked my grandmother if she believed in UFOs. My grandmother is strictly religious, but she told me of one of her experiences with what she believes to be a UFO. Apparently she was driving with her daughter about 12 years ago from today, when she noticed lights following her down the road.

She told me that there was no one around, and the area she was driving in was deserted. She said the lights followed her a couple of kilometers down the road, before rocketing off and flying over her. Being strictly religious, she then told me that the Devil controls the airways, and that they are demons trying to change our beliefs.

Fortunately, I am atheist.

Even the most religious parts of my family believe in UFOs! During that time, I have had dreams of aliens, dreams of meteors striking the earth and other similar things. I currently live on the Gold Coast, which is 300Km from Hastings Point, but every one of these strange dreams occurs at Hastings Point.

I didn't really think much of UFOs until I visited your website. Then I realized that I might have had an encounter. Before I visited, I didn't understand why or how things like this happen. Now I know a reason.

My friends and family think I am crazy, pursuing an impossible belief. But I know that they are ignorant, and do not deserve to believe in something such as this.

I have the proof, the videos and pictures - but they turn their nose up and mock me.

This is the way life is. Sadly, it is bread into society that things like this are foolish. UFOs and Conspiracies are just fads that people make up.

If a conspiracy had evidence, it has the right to be believed and is equal to the other side of the story - making it an opinion.

So many people today believe in UFOs, so many that the UFO side of the story is more prominent than the belief that there are none. Every day, there are more and more people with evidence, but there are always more and more people opposing it. If only people could see the truth - what really lurks in the dark, then we would finally see what is right.

I'd like to thank you for your time, and your great website that has shown me that there are other like minded people out there that share the same opinions as I and that know the truth.

Now I know that I do have a voice.

Thank you to the person for sending in the story to me.


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