On July 18, 2005 I left home and headed to Salmon Arm which was approximately a 10 hour drive. I was to start the first of two UFO lectures in Salmon Arm, B.C. I finally arrived at the home of Sarah Roer where I met Sarah and Tyhson who were the folks who headed up the UFO lecture and who are with The Shuswap Branch of the Canadian Society of Questers. Sarah has a beautiful home overlooking Shuswap Lake. Sarah and Tyhson made me feel very welcome in their home, they both are just wonderful people. I can't thank then enough for all there help and for making my stay a real pleasure. I did the UFO lecture on the evening of July 19, 2005 and it went really well.

I left Salmon Arm on July 20, 2005 and headed towards Vernon to do the next lecture which was to take place on July 21, 2005. Instead of staying in Vernon, I decided to drive down to Kelowna to spend some time with Corina, the lady who had an incredible experience with Missing Time back in July 31, 2003. Corina and I spent alot of time talking with one another over the events that had, and still are taking place. Actually I spent two days with her getting to know more about the events, plus just having a nice visit with her. Corina is a wonderful lady and it was a real pleasure to be able to spend the time with her.

Corina decided to go to the Vernon UFO lecture so we drove back to Vernon where I was going to be speaking for the Vernon (Okanagan) Branch of the Canadian Society of Questers. I met with Shirley, the lady who contacted me about speaking on UFOs in Vernon, and once again you couldn't meet a nicer lady.

As I spoke on the major cases I have worked on from all throughout British Columbia, a lady asked me who was in attendance about a case I kept bringing up. Or I should say I was leading up to. This case was the one where Corina had her nightmare of an experience along with her friend. Since Corina was in attendance I asked if she might like to fill everyone who was attending the lecture, as to what took place back in 2003. Corina agreed and told her story with myself speaking on the cases which led up to that night.

After Corina and I had finished speaking that evening, everyone stood up and started clapping. I can honestly say everyone listening to what Corina and I were relating, they were spell bound.

Of course if anyone hears me on the radio they know I get carried away at times and everything seems to fly out of me. But I do have a passion for this topic and do care about the folks who write to me. Plus when I am speaking I do get very animated.

Due to how well Corina and I worked together, we decided to team up and start to do lectures together to bring folks the excitement of the cases, but also bringing the real hardships some of the experiences can bring. I will be doing another lecture this fall in British Columbia and Corina will be joining me for this as well.

In 2002 and 2003 British Columbia was alive with unknown objects, sightings that still remain a mystery to this day. Most of the reports seemed to lead up to some major event. One case alone brought in more than 200 witnesses, who watched either a moon sized ball of light travel at low altitudes over the mountains, dropping into the valleys and making 90 degree turns. Or folks saw the beam of light that sat in the sky for approx: an hour before it dissipated. The bean followed the ball of light. Matter of fact on this same case some of the radio stations were flooded with calls I found out later on from folks who witnessed either both events or just the one. Then two days later came Corina's experience. Even before the event where there were over 200 witnesses, there were stacks of sightings pouring in. So I wonder what was going on in July of 2003.

So watch for Corina and I somewhere near you one day soon.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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