Brief e-mail from Bill B:

Sirs, In 1954 +/-, while visiting my aunt, who lived on base (Holloman AFB), I was asked to smuggle out three rolls/cans of film from the base refrigerated storage. After hearing what the man who issued the invitation, I refused and requested he take me back to his base residence.

This information is so old you may well not be interested, if so, forget it.

Additional Information by HBCC UFO Research:

HBCC UFO Research Note: There are a few names in this report, due to the names being used so much in this letter from the fellow who sent it to me. I wanted to find out if I should use these names, rename the folks or remove all the names completely. The gentleman wrote back telling me to leave the letter as is. My question is, what was in these 3 Canisters ?

Hi Brian,

This story might never have passed from me except for a recent news story; something about what was going on at Holloman during the period relevant to my story, 1954 +/-.

While employed as an "investigator", sort of, with Ollie A. Lower's Business Survey System, based in northwestern Dallas, TX. The vehicle I drove was a 1953 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup. We did not use cars because cars seem to attract too much attention for our normal business.

The reason I was there, we had just completed our contracts in the Carlsbad, NM area, and our next "setting" would be in El Paso, TX. As ill this was happening, I heard that my aunt, Mrs. Anna Lee, Marsh, Gerardo had a baby son, born with his major organs outside his body; and I had never met Mr. Gerardo. So, as long as I was going past Holloman anyway, I would drop in on the family for a visit. Anna Lee had lived with my family, in Big Spring, TX while finishing high school, and was then one of my favorite relatives.

I knew enough about Holloman and military things going on there not to expect to just drive in. I stopped at the gate while the guards (glanced) through the truck, asked a few questions, and sent me on my way. Here the guards also directed me to the family barracks buildings. Finding the right building was no problem; but when I was in through an expansive hall or breezeway, I spotted my aunt, entertaining herself with a glass of whisky. Already disappointed in her, I walked through to what passes for a back yard on a military base. It was a beautiful day at Holloman, so, after being introduced to Mr. Gerardo (? spelling) and being offered a drink, we sat down for a conversation that lasted for half an hour or so, during which I was told that the child in question was in a hospital, in El Paso. As soon as would be pleasant, I said my goodbyes.

Though not a teetotaler myself, this was not my chosen setting. Before allowing me to leave, Mr. Gerardo called me aside, still holding his drink; and asked if I would like to go and see what he did for the military. "Sure" I told him. In my truck, we drove about half a mile to some kind of installation...buildings. Inside I was led to a very large refrigerated storage facility; where the walls were floor to ceiling, as I remember, with perhaps thousands of movie theater size canisters, each containing film.

Mr. Gerardo picked three particular canisters, and offered to pay me to haul them past the gate guards. Once off the reservation, I would be paid and he would take back the film.

Not being a particularly brave sort, I refused; in spite of a great deal of persuasion. Realizing I was not about to become involved in removing property from a SAC base, we went back to the place where he lived and he got out.

Top my knowledge, Mr. Gerardo was never charged with any crime. I WAS checked out at the gate, though not nearly as well as I thought I should have been.

That is all I know about Mr. Gerardo; I never again met him, but at my last contact with the family, Mr. Gerardo was no longer a member, but his two sons lived in Madera, CA, and Oildale, a part of Bakersfield.

On another job, this time at Los Alamos, NM, a co-worker and I got lost in a compound, behind a high cyclone fence. I had no idea what all those purple circular signs meant, but finding our way out the gate we had come in proved to be arduous and time consuming. I mention this only to show how lax the system of guarding these facilities was at that time.

If this big area had contained enough radiation to warrant all those signs and the high fence, someone should have been on watch. They were not.

I hope this description gets what ever attention it deserves; and I do thank you for the prompt reply. Perhaps if we had had E-mail then, I would have reported it all earlier. But, having worked on several such installations as I have aged, I can say with confidence that they are far from secure even today.

Thank you to Bill for the report and granting permission to release his story.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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