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A Glowing, Emerald Green Figure Seen Near Hoot Owl, Oklahoma

Location: Hoot Owl/Oklahoma

Date: 12/07

Time: 2:00 am

Number of witnesses: ones

Number of objects: one

Shape of objects: The figure was the shape and size of an adult torso with a featureless face and arms and legs that trailed off into light.

Weather Conditions: light snow

Description: Let me start by saying that I am very practical, and up until this point some what of a sceptical person. I was driving home on a very cold night from Tulsa on a very rural country road. It was late at night, around 2:00 am and there were snow flurries in the air. I was concentrating on driving because we have a big problem with deer in this area which is why the movement off the side of the highway caught my eye. To the right of the road is a thicket of woods. I assumed the movement was caused by some type of animal so I began to slam on the brakes. It all happened so fast. At the same moment, a glowing, emerald green figure flew out of the woods and stopped directly in front of my line of sight, just in front of the hood of my car. I just saw a torso-like figure, green and immenating this strange glow- like it was its own light source. The figure did seem to have a head but with not features and where the arms and legs should be, the light just seemed to trail off. After a split second this figure flew directly over my car- never touching my car or the road, and not visible anywhere in my rearview mirror. My first thought, because the figure seemed so human-like was that I had hit a person but then I realized that that was not the case. I am writing to you, because I have no earthly idea what this could have been and perhaps you have heard of other experiences like mine. If there is anything you could tell me, I would so greatly appreciate it.

TV/Radio: I did not report this experience to anyone, except of course my mother.