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Inadvertant Evidence: The RealityTV/Alien Abduction Connection...

From UFO's to Ghosts, paranormal investigation has been enjoying a sudden spark of credibility brought about by venues like The Discovery Channel, TLC and The Sci-Fi Channel. For the fist time in years, the accepted paradigm has begun to shift. Suddenly, UFO experts are finding themselves called to the media spotlight; sought out to spread the word to an eager and hungry public. Among the distractions which keep most Americans from doing their homework and researching this phenomena themselves, is an influx of mind numbing reality shows; however, at least one such show, "Ghost Hunters," may have inadvertently offered us an irrefutable link to the UFO abduction phenomena.

With Thermal Imaging cameras, digital recorders, magnetic field detectors and a half dozen or so night vision cameras, these home grown "scientists," set up shop in locations reputed to rife with paranormal activity. Although in their own words "trying to disprove a haunting," the team has recorded some striking footage. Among moving objects, opening and closing doors and EVP's (electronic voice phenomena or disembodied voices caught on recorders), the team claims to have caught the "holy grail" of the ghost hunting world; a full body apparition. Although not the video to which I'm referring, this single apparition of a Civil War era soldier, stands alongside some of the most astounding, paranormal, video footage ever recorded. If real, it serves to document the reality of one of man's oldest claims of the paranormal; the "Ghost" realm.

Unbelievably, and possibly due to poor media management, several pieces of footage have gone completely unheralded, even ignored by the ever hungry, "morning shows." But then, to air this footage, especially on the news, would be to lend credence to the fact that these incredible phenomena do indeed exist... and if ghosts exist, then logically, do aliens exist? And if aliens exist, then might not abductions exist? Afterall, if a being, alien to our reality, can enter and move objects in your home, can it then exit with you in its possession? As you see, to address this issue is an extremely slippery slope.

Frequently depicted as a force which may be conjured, Indo-European mythologies show us the notion of 'demons' has existed for many millennia. Certainly not all malevolent, many hauntings appear to act as if some dimensional video tape is stuck on repeat play, offering a specific scene, over and over again. While some hauntings seem static, others seem to interact with man. In this particular category, there does, admittedly, seem to be a more sinister, menacing force lurking in the darkness; one it seems the ancients were well aware of, and one it seems that modern civilization simply chooses to ignore... that is, if we can. These sinister hauntings fall into the category of non-human entities known as "demons," "elementals" and "poltergeists." Hauntings it seem do indeed come in many forms. In religion, folklore, and mythology a "demon" is a supernatural being that has generally been described as malevolent. For reasons unknown to us, these particular spirits seem to derive some pleasure from tormenting man in the safety of his own home. Are these beings the very same beings responsible for the abduction scenario? In additional footage, the Ghost Hunters team may have caught just such a being.

The Thermal Imaging Camera has become probably the most valuable tool in the ghost hunting arsenal, allowing investigators to see "outside" our normal world of vision and into the non-human visual spectrum. I would strongly suggest UFO and paranormal investigators strive to acquire this somewhat costly tool; as these beings might be common manifestations to other inhabitants of our planet, just not us. These include inhabitants such as insects who are able to see alternative visual spectrums; such as the infra-red. This then points to the work of paranormal investigator Trevor James Constable. Constable said our skies are full of invisible, amorphous shaped beings he called "Sky Critters." Constable claimed he could photograph these beings in the infra-red spectrum. Able to regulaly record these critters and to even "call them in" by the use of special equipment of his own design. Constable reasoned that these creatures were reponsible for such unexpalinable events as Cattle Mutilations. Utilizing Thermal Imaging technology; the Ghost Hunters team has further added merit to Constable's groundbreaking work; as the Ghost Hunters team has not only captured ghost images, but may well have inadvertently captured one of Costables mysterious "Sky Critters" on infra-red.

Unaware of what it is they may have recorded, the team may have caught just such a "sky critter" in further footage from the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, when an unexplained blob emerges from a wall and once again crosses a hallway in front of the remote camera. Shot in the former TB hospital reputed to be heavily "haunted," the team catches the small mass as it darts out of one room and into another; actually traveling through a wall at one point in the video. Not knowing what to make of the phenomena the team has captured, they tuck it away as an "unexplainable" event. The team may well be interested to know that although the footage may well at this point be "unexplainable" to them, it is certainly not unprecidented.

As far back as almost 30 years ago, Constable believed these "Sky Critters" lurked all around us and that they were indeed "intelligent" predators, possibly solely responsible for the "Cattle Mutilation" phenomena. Constable discovered that cattle from the same herds which had suffered mutilations, bore some form of what was believed to be markings; which appeared under ultraviolet light and were found to be chiefly composed of potassium and magnesium; perhaps residue left behind resulting from an unsuccessful assault by one of his critters. The lack of footprints or eye witnesses to these events, however, may lend credence to Constable's hypothesis that these events are routinely taking place outside the human visual spectrum; explaining why the phenemena has proven elusive to researchers. Researchers in the mutilation field would do well to start scanning the sky with Constable's infrared techniques or today's modern Thermal camera technology, as both Ghost Hunters paranormal team and Constable's team, have reinforced each others work, without even realizing it. Although quite interesting, this, although some amazing stuff, is still not the proof of which I write. So let's get on with it.

On at least three additional instances, the Ghost Hunters team has caught footage of what appear to be 3 to 4 foot tall, interactive beings. If the footage is genuine, these beings may impact directly on the UFO abduction experience; proving humanoid beings beyond our scope of reality do indeed exist. Most importantly, the two different videos of 3 to 4 foot tall beings, caught from two different typically "haunted" locations, appear to be of cloaked or hooded beings, strongly resembling the visage of The Watchers described in the ancient Qumran text, The Testament of Amram. These same mysterious beings are often reported in bedroom abduction accounts. Without question, the most striking segment of footage in relation to the UFO abduction phenomena, comes from the "haunted" Moon River Brewery in Savannah Georgia. Preceded by a shield of rotating orbs, the appearance of a small, hooded, being is caught in the bar's basement. It appears the being enters through a wall, behind a pool table, and then quickly, almost as if "noting" something may be out of the ordinary, returns to it's point of origin. As to the question of authenticity, we're told from the team that no one else was able to enter the basement. This is not your average "ghost" going about its regular routine; playing out over and over like some rewound video footage, but rather what appears to be a glimpse of an actual, sentient, interacting being... what investigators call "an intelligent haunting" or in this case, possibly an "elemental."

Again, although there may well be several things going on when it comes to haunting categories, there is no mistaking a cloaked being which comes through a wall and then turns back, as if aware that the time is not right for it to enter our reality. Other footage from Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, an abandoned Civil War era prison, captures more orbs which precede the appearance of yet another small, cloaked figure. This being appears from nowhere to shuffle down the tier walkway. The footage is somewhat more suspect only because the prison annually features a Halloween "haunted house" complete with costumed performers. However, the cloaked apparition does seem to literally appear from nowhere.

In the third instance, again from the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky, the team, this time, without contraversy, captures on Thermal video, what appears to be the heat signature of a three to four foot tall entity running across a hallway. Non-detectable to the human visual spectrum, the team catches just the heat signature of this moving "humanoid" shape. Once again, proving the Thermal Imaging camera invaluable, the image strongly resembles a "sprinting" human form; a form which appears to be darting, bipedal, across the hallway in front of shocked investigators.... amazing stuff.

In yet a forth instance from a Florida lighthouse, the teams plays cat and mouse on the stairs of the lighthouse with a "being" which actually seems to be toying with investigators. In the remotely taped footage the apparition and apparently sentient being, peers out over the balcony just before vanishing, and without ever setting off the motion detection light. But, we must ask ourselves, as with all "reality" TV, is the footage real? Unfortunately, no one from the team answered my request for an interview.

Because TAPS has such a wide family of paranormal investigators, I personally believe this inadvertant evidence gives us the first ever correlation into the murky and long overlooked, netherworld of the UFO experience. Could it be that footage such as this, is actually just an everyday part of our reality, that we have somehow carelessly overlooked beings which reside right here with us, or are we witnessing something even further beyond our realm of understanding... beings from other dimensions? The image of the Civil War soldier is recorded in an old morgue in the Cresent Hotel in Arkansas. In a case of the prey catching the hunter, the apparition, caught by the Thermal Imaging camera, appears itself to be "checking" the room containing the ghost hunters; as if "it" itself had heard something inside. Clearly visible, the scene appears to the laymen as if somehow a crossing of time dimensions is taking place. From present day physicists to Einstein himself, we may have our first confirmation that the hypothesis of alternate time dimensions is strikingly real. Again, lending credibility to this footage is the advancement of the latest theory in Quantum Physics called "STRING THEORY," which among other things, purposes that there are more many more dimensions to our reality, than we are privileged to in our daily existence. In addition, another theory which many scientists now call the "Multi-verse" theory, postulates that cosmic reality is actually made up of an infinite number of universes, all existing at the same time, where all possibilities exist. In string theory, mathematicians also theorize that bleed through of at least sound is a mathematical possibility; so if sound can escape the dimensional plane, why not images or beings? Logically, the next question would be, are these " paranormal" beings inhabitants of our reality that we've somehow missed, or... are they accessing our reality from that somewhere else currently being postulated in modern physics? There may well be several things going on. Wherever the puzzle leads, we may well, thanks to "home grown" science shows like "Ghost Hunters," have our first piece of video evidence supporting paranormal beings and so, the Abduction Phenomena. Demonstrating through the use of video, that there are indeed other undiscovered, sentient life forms interacting in our reality; beings neither completely ethereal or physical as we understand it. But just as the Old Testament tells us of the Watchers, are none the less, able to come and go in our reality at will. In fact, it is from these ancient descriptions of the Watchers, from which the word "demon" comes into our English lexicon. The word "demon" was derived from the Latin word "daemn" meaning spirit, and Greek words "daemon" or "daimon" meaning divine or supernatural power.

In close, just take a look at Google Video or YouTube and you'll see first hand, this digital camera/paranormal investigation revolution taking place. But I hope you're prepared, because it would seem these events are far more prevalent in our lives, than any of us would have ever believed; moving the subject of alien abduction or inter-dimensional beings, just a little bit further into the light... and further away form its relegated position in our reality's forbidden, murky netherworld.

Copyright, June 2007; Brett Allen

A life long musician and writer, Brett Allen is multi-published and has worked and written for Emmy winning broadcasters. For a decade during the 80's and 90's, Brett worked as a disc jockey for Merv Griffin's PYX 106, Albany NY's number one rock station. His show "The Hittman's 90 Minute Blues" drew an unheard of 20 share in the Albany NY ratings war. As a musician, club owner and promoter, as well as Editor and Chief of two, upstate NY, music periodicals, Brett's has both worked and sang alongside some of music's legendary names. After a 1981 sighting, he became a UFO/paranormal researcher.