Isle Of Man Mount Snaefell Incident

Report from Chris Rolfe

12th June 2001

Just thought I would let everyone know the latest on the Mount Snaefell incident of Sunday, January 14, 2001.

UFO Monitors East Kent, have just recently received an audio-tape of an interview conducted with one of the witnesses.

The witness was out horse-riding with a friend, when their attention was drawn to the clear blue sky, after noticing a very bright flash. As they looked up towards Mount Snaefell, they noticed an object about the size and shape of a micro-light heading towards one of the communications masts on top of the mountain. It then struck the mast, and fell from the sky over the other side of the mountain in a cloud of smoke. Then thick black smoke was seen to come up from the general direction of where the object had gone down (This smoke lasted for about 20 minutes).

The two horse riders rode to the nearest farm, and asked the farmer if he could call the emergency services. He too observed the smoke. The emergency services arrived and took the two witnesses to the top of Snaefell so that they could point out the direction in which the object went down.

After a few hours the two witnesses went home, and asked the police officer in charge if they could let them know the outcome of the search which involved about 40 - 80 persons, which included police, mountain rescue, fire and Civil defence personnel.

At about 23:30 hours the police called the witnesses to inform them that the search had been called-off until first light. The search the following morning had been called-off at 12:30 pm, after nothing was supposedly found.

On the following Tuesday morning (16 January), two police officers turned up at the witness's place of work and asked her if she would take them to where her and her friend had seen the object from. When they arrived the police ruled out a model aircraft due to the distance involved, and told the witness that they were not particularly happy with whom ever was in charge of the investigation, as they felt they were not being told everything that was going on. A cover-up?

I spoke to Inspector Gary Roberts of the Isle of Man in May, and he told me that they were told the name of someone who was flying a large remote controlled model aircraft on top of Snaefell, which had caused the damage to the mast. Well if that's what the two horse riders saw, then at a distance of 3 miles it must have been a bloody big model that's all I can say. When I asked him if the police had questioned the individual responsible he said "No."

So an irresponsible person flies a model aircraft and causes a few hundred Pounds or more of damage to a communications mast, apparently putting the emergency services off-air for a few hours, is not interviewed by the police and reprimanded for his actions! I find that most unbelievable indeed.

We would like other witnesses to this incident to come forward, and if anyone has any more information we would be pleased to hear from them.

I can be contacted at or on 07968 583435.

Chris Rolfe

Director of Research & Investigations
UFO Monitors East Kent.
(United Kingdom)

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