The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

DATE: 02.08.05

At Iquique

Photo of alleged UFO over Iquique

This extraordinary chance photo was taken in the northern part of our country and shows the transit of an unidentified flying object (

IQUIQUE, February 8, 2005.- On Friday, February 4, Carlos Bruna, an official with the Controllership of the Republic in the city of Iquique, visited the Tres Islas Beach, some 10 minutes away from this northern city, to take a break. Since he had acquired a digital camera in recent days, he began taking photos of the mountains and their contrast with the blue sky.

To his surprise, upon loading the photos into his computer, he saw that one of the images showed a lens-shaped object, expelling some sort of white energy, was flying high above one of the mountains.

The AION CHILE organization received the images of the strange object from Carlos Bruna. They are still under analysis.

"The fact is that when they informed me of the case, I only expected to see the alleged evidence. I thought it could correspond to one of many explained phenomena. But I think the photo shows some interesting details," observes Rodrigo Fuenzalida, AION's director.

"When I received the material, I found that the mountains were too well outlined, and the colors had a curious clarity. However, upon listening to Carlos, the percipient, I found his account to be an honest one. I think the photo is genuine. Now the challenge consists in determining the origin of the stimulus captured by the camera's eye," he remarked.

According to AION's representative in Chile's 1st Region, Mario Pizarro, the UFO image is genunie and studies conducted on site suggest that the object had a diameter of between 3 and 4 meters.

Translation (c) 2005, Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez.

[NOTE: Please be aware there are claims that the image in this photo was caused by lens flare - John @ UFOINFO]

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