UFO Landing Event In Central Israel

By Hannan Sabat (ICFUFOR)

Here is the report concerning a UFO landing, which occurred between Sunday and Monday on the 28th of November, 2005.

The event occurred in one of the agricultural settlements, between the city of Ramla and the Lod International Airport (central Israel). According to the witness’s request, we don't publish their names and the settlement name.


At 01:30, the witness’s daughter went to take a shower. She heard noises coming from the yard, and she thought that there is a possibility that robbers broke into the house, or someone is trying to steel the vehicle. She turned the lights in the yard on, but she didn't see anything unusual.

The witness’s mother-in-law told me in the morning, that she heard the dogs bark, between 02:00-3:00, but she didn't pay any attention to the dogs.

After 07:00 in the morning, the witness’s wife went out of their home, and discovered elliptic signs of imprinting in the house yard. The yard is assembled from hard pressed coarse sand and small stones. The woman called her husband, and he called the police. The police send a team of scouts, and then the police called Mr. Abi Greif (chairman of ICFUFOR).

At first, the dogs didn't want to approach the imprinting, and avoided entering the area. One of the dogs made its needs near the imprinting. Only after a few hours, the dogs entered freely to the imprinting.

The police scouts, checked the house and its surroundings, but didn't find any clues. When they weren’t able to get into any conclusions, they indicated in their report, that it is a case of a UFO. The scouts decided that an object came from above and probably left in the same direction. They couldn't decide what this object was. Any signs of an object brought there by someone, or signed of a dune buggy or any other vehicles, were rejected by the police. According to the police scouts, a tire sign, seen in the area of the imprinting, was made there a few days ago. The witness videotaped the police arrival.

According to the witness, a helicopter hovered above his house, shortly afterwards (probably to scan the area).

I (Hannan Sabat) arrived to the area (thanks to the witness’s invitation), about 11:00. Beside the witness’s family, or the police, no one was allowed to get there. With the witness’s help, I was allowed to check the area and photograph the imprinting (I used a T70 CANON camera, and an AGFA color film, ASA-200).

Signs in the area and the sings of the imprinting:

The central imprinting is about 1.5 – 2 meters in diameter. It had a spiral shape, and reminds an oval elliptic shape. Extensions, turning outside, where found in the surrounding of the central spiral shape. The imprinting was shallow, about 1-2 centimeters in depth. The imprinting had a different color (brighter) then the soil around it.
Some of the stones in the imprinting area were pulled out, and some of them remained lying near their original niches.

Next to the main imprinting, a deep ditch was seen. It was about 10 cm deep and 1-1.5 meters in length. The ditch wasn't seen there before.

Near the ditch a telephone pole found, with soot marks on its two devices. One of the devices (colored black) was covered with “V”-shape marks (one above the other). The second device (colored metal-gray), was covered with some soot. These marks weren’t there before.

Some of the grass near the imprinting was covered with a gray dusty material (and thin sand).

Some building blocks, located near the imprinting, changed their color (according to the witness).

A plastic rope, found next to the building blocks, was stuck to itself. Also this situation, wasn't notices before the event.

According the witness, there was another smaller imprinting next to the main one, but the policeman erased it (with their boots), when they came there.

I took 35 pictures, and the witness made a video footage (about 10 minutes length, additional to his own photographs).

ICFUFOR – Israel Center for UFO’s Research English site: WWW.GEOCITIES.COM/ICFUFOR Hebrew site: WWW.UFOISRAEL.ORG Also the report, photos and footage is © 2005 ICFUFOR

Video clip - UFO Landing Event In Central Israel - Video Footage

Thank you to Israel Center for UFO’s Research for allowing me to post the interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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