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GUEST SPEAKER: JANUS: "Roswell & Beyond"

Opening the joint BUFORA and SPI (UK) "Phenomenal Weekend" lectures for 2002, synthesiser soloist and composer Janus was invited as guest speaker to talk about his exciting and innovating new musical addition to the world of ufology.

The audience listened avidly as Janus filled them in his musical background, from its early and experimental stages in the late 70's with his friend and Oscar winning composer and keyboards supremo, Vangelis, right up to the present with his production of his latest conceptual trilogy of albums: Roswell-the album, Flying Saucers (based on the Kenneth Arnold Incident) and S.E.T.I.(the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence).

With the epic trilogy having been in production for over five years, Janus went into detail of a series of special live, sound light and laser spectaculars based on these works to be launched this summer. The concerts "Roswell & Beyond" have similarly been under production for the same length of time as the albums, and in addition to his collaboration with Pink Floyd lighting designer, Mike Heggett for the shows, Janus has produced a video feature with Walt Disney film maker Fred Fullerton which will be projected as a backdrop as part of the concerts many visual elements.

Those attending were then treated to a mini premiere of this film by way of a taster, accompanied by music from his Roswell album. From an awe-inspiring opening segment through the cosmos, the film weaved into some state-of-the-art computer animated sequences, exclusive ufo footage, and other paranormal phenomena. One visitor after the days lecture had written that "it was worth coming to just for the amazing video Janus presented to us.

It was revealed that Janus' musical direction over recent years was a direct result of a UFO close encounter he had in Hampton Middlesex in 1984. The incident profoundly, as he said "altered the scepticism I had toward ufo's overnight". Janus described the object as hovering silently some 200 feet above him and "best described as the underside of the Millennium Falcon spacecraft out of the Star Wars movie", before, and without any warning it "hurtled at an unimaginable speed upwards and upwards before disappearing completely".

The very warmly received talk by Janus concluded with an invite from the days organiser, Malcolm Robinson, to sit in with others on the panel for a Q&A session, where latest topics and news pertaining to Roswell, Crop Circles and other fascinating material were discussed.

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Janus : Synthesiser Solist & Composer

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