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Joe Capp's Encounter with UFO's 1962 – Atlantic City. New Jersey

It was the summer of 1962. I lived in Atlantic City New Jersey. I had my eye on a girl that summer who I use to hang around near on the beach where she sat all the time with her friends. My best buddy at the time was a guy named Eddie. Eddie was always on the outlook for pretty girls so this day I asked Eddie to go along with me on my beach girl-watching trip.

At this time in my life my interest in UFO's or things paranormal was limited. The opposite sex was far more appealing. I only real introduction to anything close to these subjects was by way of my brotherâ€TMs interest in science fiction. He was a fan of the science fiction writers Ray Palmer and Donald Keyhole. About age 9 he peeked my interest somewhat however the summer of 62 had my thoughts elsewhere. . My main focus was the beach and all the pretty girls.

All of this would change on this day; UFO's would soon become Eddie and my reality!

Eddie and I went to the beach that day and were busy setting up our blanket on the sand. My back was to the boardwalk. As I remember were near the Texas Ave part of the beach and boardwalk. Eddie shouted as he pointed in the air for me to look over my shoulder. I anticipated seeing the Goodyear Blimp, which was often seen over the boardwalk and always a treat. I turned to look at the blimp never expecting to see what I saw instead.

Right before my eyes hovered low in the sky, lower than the Hotel right next to it, were two classic looking flying disc shaped UFO's. The one in front was a bit higher then the one behind it. I did not see a dome, just a saucer shape. Their color was a copper shade that I had not seen before or have I ever seen anything like it since.

At first glimpse the sight of these two crafts shocked me to my very soul. I knew at once they were like nothing I had ever seen before. Instantly something I read in one of my brother's books clicked in my head and I knew to check the position of the sun to see if the reflections of these crafts were correct and on the sides they needed to be. The disc shaped objects slowly and gracefully moved almost directly over our heads. The sun caught them on the side and the strange colored objects glistened in the sun. As they slowly and silently glided over our heads I could see their shadow cross over us as they made their way towards the ocean.

I glanced over at my friend Eddie to find him wide eyed and mouth hung open as he stood as stunned as I was at what we found ourselves looking at. I looked around for other people but not one soul was around for us to yell to. I shouted out anyway in hopes someone else would witness what we were looking at, but no one was to be found.

I turned back to watch them head out over the ocean. I noticed they kept the same exact distance between them as they moved across the beach to the open water. All of a sudden they became very bright and at least one of them flashed. This flash could have been the sun hitting the side of the crafts as they changed position. This is when they both shot off across the ocean low to the north and disappeared. I realized even as they accelerated away at enormous speed they did not make any noise.

Time passed and both Eddie and I went into the Army. After the service I moved to New York and Eddie returned back to Brigantine New Jersey.

I married my wife Phyllis and told her about my flying saucer experience. I am sure she thought I had made a mistake and it was something else as she had a "just one of those things" kind of attitude concerning it all.

One year my sister was having her yearly Christmas Eve party. It was always a wonderful time for family and friends to gather.

This particular year my sister ran into Eddie while out doing errands. She asked him to join us for that year's party. Eddie told my sister he would love to see us all again and would be sure to be there.

It was wonderful to see Eddie once again and to be able to introduce our wife's to each other and get to know what happened during all those years we had been apart. We talked about our lives and our old friends.

I decided now with my wife at my side to bring up that day and the UFO's Eddie and I saw on that beach back in 1962 . I decided to ask him point blank. I started out with "Eddie do you remember what we saw one day on beach"...he interrupted, "Do you mean the day we saw the flying saucers." Since that day my wife believes we saw what we saw, when we said we saw it!

That is exactly what happened In Atlantic City on the beach that sunny day. I know one thing for sure, it was like nothing I had seen before or have ever seen since. Both Eddie and I will never forget it!

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