The Strange Experience of Julio Oscar

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
June 7, 2006

DATE: 06.05.06

The Strange Experience of Julio Oscar

by Raul Oscar Chaves

Julio Oscar, 48, married, a resident of the province of Buenos Aires (Argentina), moved to La Pampa in the month of July 2005 to be reunited with his sister Rosa after a separation of over 20 years.

His body has been affected by his hard life of farm labor. A lung operation was necessary due to his work venting seeds in grain silos; his right leg underwent surgery to correct a limp caused by a permanent muscular contraction. The surgeries had taken place in Bahia Blanca’s Penna Hospital.

In his relative’s house one day, watching the TV by himself in the dining room, a sudden blackout occurred followed by the sudden appearance of a sphere of light measuring some 10 cm in diameter on the wall beside the television set (which was mounted to the wall). The brightly-hued orb vanished in a matter of seconds and the power was restored; an intrigued Julio Oscar had dinner and continued watching TV before going to bed. The time was approximately 22:30 hrs.

A few days later, while removing wallpaper from the top of a ladder, his body began to experience tremors which persisted until dinnertime. This caused him to take to his bed.

The time was 22:00 hours and he was alone again. The cause of the tremors: unknown.

He turned out the light on his nightstand. An intensely bright light measuirng 40 cm across appared over the windowsill at that time. It diminished in size as it placed itself over his body, only centimeters from his skin, scanning it, moving up and down from head to toes. Thoughts entered his mind, expressions such as, in his own words: “me querian llevar” (“They wanted to take me away”).

The next morning, Rosa approached his bed concerned about his silence, as Julio was an early riser. She ascertained that he was motionless and unresponsive to external stimuli and questions, presenting a very high temperature.

After a while, Julio was able to open his eyes. Trying to articulate a coherent sentence, he told his sister: “...they came to take me away, they wanted to take me and you weren’t there...”

Skeptical by nature, he did not understand the experience he had undergone nor did he remember details that would allow him to reach one conclusion or another.

Trying to forget the event, Julio returned to his everyday activities, walking mroe frequently and for longer distances, also riding a bicycle.

It should be mentioned that the muscular contraction in his affected leg kept him from walking normally, and his pulmonary insufficency only allowed him to cover the length of a block in two or three installments, during which he would stop to catch his breath and regain strength.

He gained weight, his movements became normalized and only a slight limp could be observed.

Visitng First Aid Center, he decided to return home on foot, covering a distance of over 40 city blocks in an hour and a half, stopping only once to regain his strength. Three months later, Julio returned to his hometown with his body almost completely restored, and a visible change in personality from considerable skepticism and total lack of faith to the permanent use of a Rosary given to him by his relatives.

Did the unusual experience affect his life? No doubt, when we take the foregoing into consideration.

(translation (c) 2006, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raúl Oscar Chaves)

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