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July 22, 2005

DATE: July 21, 2005

La Araña: When Time Stood Still
by Luis Burgos (FAO)

While the return of a considerable part of the "unidentifieds" to the scene of the crime (the basis of my Decimal Hypothesis) is a constant that is disputed by very few, field researchers are clearly aware of the window areas (relatively short intervals of non-recurrent sites) versus "hot zones" (fixed periods of recurrence). Perhaps in-depth area surveys would enable us to weave a hypothesis as to the "why" of the matter. This is the case with La Araña and other places of La Pampa province, one of the most visited ones by UFOs.

La Araña is a rural location some 50 km west of Santa Rosa, capital of La Pampa. It can be reached along Route 14 passing through the town of Toay. At present, the ghostly aspect of this location hovers in the air like the aged reminiscence of a past with a legend: an abandoned schoolhouse, a lonely house in the vicinity and a ruined building that housed an ancient "lawn bowling" facility, famous for its dance parties in the 1950's and 1960s, are mute testimony to unusual UFO events that commenced in the early '60s and continue to our times. It is as if something magical enveloped this enigmatic landscape, cited in books on the subject, newspapers of the time and spread from mouth to mouth by local residents aware of the prowling of the "bad lights". Today, Quique Mario of the CEUFO organization chose it as his favorite site for holding UFO skywatches. Raul Chaves and Ester Urban of CIUFOS also have the suspicious area under surveillance.

It could not have been otherwise: this location and other points of la pampa and six other provinces were affected by the "great Argentinean UFO wave" and in the early hours of May 13, 1962, reflected by Hector P. Anganuzzi in his book "Historia de los Platos Voladores en Argentina" in which he retells the experiences of the partygoers who attended one of the dances at La Araña. After 0400 hours, they noticed a large light on the ground at relatively near distance. Some of the locals approached the source of light and at that precise moment, an object started rising into the air while a number of similar objects -- not seen previously -- accompanied it. As they receded, the appeared to spin on their own axises. The "La Prensa" newspaper also echoed this encounter in its May 16 edition.

In the 1970's other dance-goers saw a UFO that was readying itself to land only a few meters away. It tore though a barbed wire fence as it landed, followed by a series of shudders ("like a chicken dusting itself off") before taking off again before the confused gaze of the lucky eyewitnesses. This episode forms part of the 50 most incredible cases of the Argentinean national UFO case histories.

One night in 1979, a hunter was startled by a flying object that "fell on him", leaving him no choice but to open fire against it. The bullet hit its mark, since he heard the projectile strike the unusual "prey". At that time the UFO turned off its lights and he didn't see it again...nor did he find the bullet. In the late 1980's, a motorist heading down Route 5 at night reached La Araña to be treated to the sight of a very bright, large UFO on the side of the road...a UFO with the strange shape of a fish. At around 1500 hours on a hot afternoon in January 1990, Jose Luis Lopez and his assistant were engaged in farmwork when another worker warned them of the sudden appearance of a "giant' oval object, dark brown in color, that passed over them at low altitude on a southward trajectory. The artifact, which made a slight whistling sound, was practically ignored by the local animals. The observation lasted some 10 minutes and according to one of the witnesses, "it seemed as if time stood still..."

On Thursday, December 15, 1994, Mr. Nestor Fernandez and a companion were traveling from Cerro Quemado to Santa Rosa. As they crossed La Araña, they noticed a brilliant UFO that startled them to the point of reporting their experience to reporters from the "La Arena" newspaper.

The field visit by CEUFO researchers with the goal of the "First UFO Alert" proposed by Project Condor could not have been better rewarded: From the afternoon of May 8, 1999 to the morning of the 9th, they installed themselves at the site taking numerous photos of the local geography: road, fields, sky, etc. In one of these pictures, a white-colored luminous body surrounded by a red halo appeared at random, turning it into one of the very few nocturnal photos of a "ghost UFO".

In 2002, while the mutilations were in full swing, La Araña did not escape these incidents, which continue in this inhospitable area to this very day.

To keep enumerating cases would be repetitive. The UFO phenomenon prefers this area as one of its targets and without a doubt, to be there is to breathe in a little of the Pampean saucer history and therefore, Argentina's own history. Without a doubt, something is moving, gliding, intruding, appearing and disappearing there, becoming invisible in the desolate Pampean landscape. The question is obvious: What was there, or what will be there? The question remains unanswered.

Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).
Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO.

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