The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
July 5, 2005

The 2002 Cattle Mutilation Wave in Argentina was one of the great explained events of the early years of our new century. Even now, three summers after that fateful season of animal carnage and human confusion, stories still emerge to bewilder us, as this contribution received today from Raul Oscar Chaves of the CIUFOS-LaPampa organization.

The La Pampa Human Mutilation
By Raul Oscar Chaves
(c) 2005

It was the month of July 2002 when L.J.C., 45, burdened by a variety of problems, headed off the western Pampas. Some 20 days later, his body was found dangling from an ancient tree. He had committed suicide. The competent authorities opened an investigation after the field's owner reported the grisly crime, and the coroner attested to the person's sad demise. The story vanished quickly from the media after having been covered by the written and electronic press.

This was also the time at which another inexplicable phenomenon appeared: the mutilation of all sorts of animals throughout the length and breadth of the Pampean geography. Although the coroner attested to the manner of death, he nonetheless came across a number of incisions and injuries that did not appear to correspond to the cause of death, aside from the fact that the corpse's state did not fit the evidence.

What exactly was atypical and did not fit the established criteria?

Without a doubt it was the corpse's condition, which showed a considerable degree of desiccation, described as "premature mummification", adding to this the absence of tissue and skin from the left jaw and ear, and a missing left ocular orb. It would later turn out that the genitals were also missing.

We were then facing a case of human mutilation, occurred around July 2002, with the discovery having been made on August 13 of that year, as reported by the most important newspaper in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, and the local television station. The coroner and the local pathologist, in their respective reports, agreed that "...the incisions were similar to the ones found on the mutilated animals" and that "...they had been expecting to find a mutilated human at some point" due to the broad range of organisms affected at the time.

The report added that while "...climactic conditions affect the corpses, particularly with regard to the absence of blood..." this appreciation was counterbalanced by the state of the human remains: "premature and advanced mummification" only 20 days after death had occurred.

A question remained hanging in the air following one of the coroner's remarks after having discovered the deceased: "...as are customary in the western Pampean region..."

Was there more than a single case of human mutilation La Pampa?

There is videotaped material showing images of the mutilated victim, as well as the coroner's statements, in the files of "Ciufoslapampa".

Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.

UFOINFO would like to thank Scott Corrales for granting permission to use this article.


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