The Little Green Men of Wright Patterson AFB

Bill Jones (Ohio MUFON): Text and Photographs

Larry Hatch: Scanned Images

Original message from Bill Jones to Larry Hatch:

Enclosed are the pictures of the "little green men of Wright-Pat" that I promised to send to you so that you could scan and put them on the net. I hope you will find them to be of interest. Bruce Ashcroft showed them to me and Dr. Irena Scott when we went there to talk to him about his efforts to find Roswell related information in the files of the National Air Intelligence Center. (In the one picture, Bruce is on the right and I am on the left.)

  • The Little Green Men of Wright Patterson AFB: Photo 1
    Photo 1
  • The Little Green Men of Wright Patterson AFB: Photo 2
    Photo 2

During World War II over 400,000 prisoners of war were brought to the United States and interned in dozens of camps located around the country. Wright and Patterson Fields housed several hundred POWs during the war. Evidence suggests that mostly German prisoners worked in warehouses and mess halls, and helped maintain the grounds at both bases. Building 280, where these guys are found served as a dining hall for these men. Some of the prisoners with artistic talents created these murals on three walls of the dining hall, two of which were lost in the 1950s during building renovations.

One wall was preserved by order of the base commander. These Germanic folk images were recently dubbed the "little green men of Wright-Pat.," apparently at a reunion of Blue Book personnel that took place several years ago.

These images are in a narrow hallway of a building across the street from the Center. The building is not a secure facility as the Center is. There are other interesting and historic sights on the base, including a full size replicate of the hanger that the Wright Brothers used to house their aircraft in early years of aviation history. I hope that these and other historic sights at WPAFB will be made more available to the public in the years ahead.

My thanks to Bill Jones and Larry Hatch for permission to use on UFOINFO - John Hayes.

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