Lincolnshire & Grimsby Sightings March - May 2000 Fact Or Fiction?

Report from Chris Rolfe

As the readers of UFO Magazine are aware, the Lincolnshire area of the United Kingdom has recently experienced a 'Major UFO Flap' see UFO Magazine, July/August 2000.

Multiple UFO sightings were reported near Grimsby, Lincolnshire, during March, April and May, including two alleged close encounters. These reports came to our attention shortly after they were publicised in the Grimsby Evening Telegraph, during April.
We immediately began our own investigation into these extraordinary claims, we had decided that these events, were certainly worthy of further investigation. After some brief investigations and a little telephone calling, we reached several of the named witnesses from the Grimsby sightings. Whilst we investigated the above cases more events were to unfold as we dug into these startling claims. Events which made us question the accounts as told by the Grimsby Evening Telegraph's, accounts which made us question this newspapers integrity. What follows is the results so far, of these investigations.

Contact was made with Ms King, whereupon she continued to recount essentially the same details to us as had appeared in the local newspaper.
We started by explaining who we were and how we had got her details, to which she accepted our credentials and the interview began. What follows are partial relevant details from that interview.
She explained "I did tell the reporter she could give my number to people who were genuine. I did tell her that I didn't want my number given out to just anyone because I didn't want any idiots ringing."
We asked if the events she described had occurred in her own home, and how She felt now about her experience?

"Yes," she replied, "I feel Okay..., Well, To tell you the truth since I have spoken about these things I have had much bad luck. For some reason The things that have happened are really awful and I feel as if I shouldn't have told. because people think you are daft or something and they think you are making it up or it was just a dream or something, when you know it wasn't." She said, "I can remember things from years ago that if it was a dream you wouldn't remember it. I have had many experiences, you can't remember everything from years ago..... You can't."

Gary asked, "Did you see any of the newspaper articles. Did they report everything that you had told them accurately?"

"No. Not properly. They put about the man being 'spread eagled' on a table. Well, I never said that." She admitted, "I said he was laying on a table. I mean the way they put it, it sounds disgusting."

Gary then asked her the date of her encounter, and whether it was as reported, on the 24th March?
"No, that's not right. It was on a Sunday morning, at half past nine in the morning. I could go fetch the calendar if you want? What did they (newspapers) say it was?"

Gary replied, "Friday the 24th March."

At this point Ms King began working out the date of her alleged encounter, and suggested it was either the 19th or 26th of March.
"I knew I had it worked out. It was on Sunday, 19th. I had woken up earlier in the morning about six o'clock time and got a cup of tea like I do and went back to bed and woke up round about half nine, I had a small pony and I thought I have got to get up and let Tufty (Name of Pony) out. Because I thought it was getting quite light and the next thing I knew this.... This thing happened. I sort of... Well, I don't know how to explain it. It sounds stupid doesn't it. 'Up there.' They said that I was up there for good, permanent and I wasn't coming back. They didn't talk orally like we do... They talked sort of through your mind. There were two different types. I found that quite strange. But they weren't surprised to see me there (the beings). You see.... The ones where I opened the door into this room where they had this man on the table. They were different to the one that helped me get back here. They were the bald ones. The ones with no noses, whatever they were doing and the one that helped me get back, well it didn't talk (orally) it said that it was concerned that there were 'too many humans dying with what they were doing to them.' And it said that they were trying to get me back because their time's different to ours, I don't think they have time. And it was going on about these windows in time and it would only last so long and if it didn't get me back then, then I wouldn't have been back at all. Because once it (window in time) shuts its shut and they can't get you back till it opens again."

"The one that was concerned had this sort of robe-like clothing on. In the paper Well, it said that it had a wig on. Well I didn't say it had a wig on. I said it had some sort of hair or something on it's head to stop it from looking so frightening. But the ones in the other room had nothing on their head. They was completely bald. They were, about five feet tall if that. And the other one that was outside that had the robe on was taller and a bigger build. I was in this corridor and I was getting really, really, weak and I was collapsing against the side of the vehicle.

"So did you just literally find yourself transported from one place to another?" asked Gary.

" Yes. " She answered. "Where I used to live I used to see one (UFO) now and again. It was quite a big one. Well my mother used to go mad at me she used to say "you and your ruddy aliens because I was always going on about them for years. It seemed to hover above the hedge outside the house. I can remember being in a smaller ship above the ground and looking down. (not like our little airplanes but similar to them.) When I came to live here, nothing had happened for a long time, I was looking out of the window one night it was a clear night and I saw something and I thought Oh no don't look they have found you again. Then it started again you see. But they can find you if they want to. It's funny because I never wanted to come and live in this area. Since I have told my story I have lost two cats and I had to have my horse shot a fortnight ago. I have lost three animals in one month since I have told that story."

At this point she seemed to becoming reluctant about speaking more. We asked if she was OK with the conversation to which she explained she had, "had a turn of bad luck", since the original announcement in her local news paper, she had lost two of her cats, and her horse had been attacked, she was upset about this but agreed to continue, with the interview.

We asked about the 'man on the table', was he okay, did he seem to be all right?

" Well. The room in which lay the bearded gentleman had white mesh metallic walls with curved white supports. To look at him you would presume that he would be dead." she said, "But for all you know, you don't know whether they were putting implants in him and then going to send him back." (It should be noted here that implants had not been mentioned by anyone and this was quite a startling revelation from Ms King.) "I am not sure. Because they had these sort of wires going down from the ceiling into him sort of thing."

She continued to tell us of her fascination with the subject.
"The thing is I can't stop looking for them at night, it sounds crazy but when it's a clear night I can't stop looking for them (a bit of emotion here). I'm not frightened of them. It's been happening for such a long time. If they were going to hurt me they would have done it by now."

" I noticed in the original article," said Gary, "that they have Tony Kelsey's sighting as being on the same date as yours, but they are saying it's the 24th? (indeed Mr. Kelsey did see his sighting on a Sunday and not a Friday)

"I believe what happened there, is that it was in the paper on a Friday night. His was in the paper on the 24th. When I got the paper and I read it I thought please don't let this happen to him who has seen this on the Sunday. I couldn't believe it."

"So It looks like they have his date wrong as well." said Gary.

"What reason would I have to make this up except maybe to get ridicule? I am not going to get anything out of it." She asked.

We politely thanked Ms King for speaking with us, Ms King was left contact details at this point.

Ms King briefly related another story about herself and a man named Fred, who lives somewhere in Scotland now, and a sighting that they had in 1976 of an orange light in the sky. She believed that this Fred was able to validate earlier experiences. There were several questions directed to Miss King, to try and gauge her honesty and knowledge of the topic, like whether she had heard of certain UFO authors or read any UFO books. The reply was 'no' but Ms King seemed very knowledgeable about the 'abduction scenario,' note the earlier mention of implants in her statement.

Something about Ms King's conversation gave us the impression there was more she wasn't telling us, and she seemed agitated and very uncomfortable answering questions about her experience. At times she seemed very depressed and was very upset by the loss of three pets, which had all died in a one month period. If anything did in fact happen with Ms King it was on Sunday 19th March at 9:30 am in the morning, but what that may be is somewhat debatable, given that there are further sensitive and undisclosed facts about this case.

As noted above another Gentleman and his niece from Grimsby, also claimed to have had a sighting on the same day as Ms King. Although originally published as occurring on Friday, 24 March it later transpired that this date was wrong too.
We made contact with Mr. Kelsey, and arranged an interview with him, at his place of work. "It seems that you may have seen your sighting on the same day that a lady from Tetney alleges that she was abducted?" asked Gary.
"Yes. (laughter) well I think that sounds a bit far fetched." He replied.

"Did the newspapers report your sighting accurately?" came Gary's next question.

"Yes. They actually reported it accurate. ( Except for the date). But they wanted to put words into my mouth like did it have flashing lights and wheels and all this bullshit." Came the surprise response.

Somewhat taken back Gary asked, "What was it that you actually saw? What actually happened in your own words?"
"I was in my street. It wasn't me that actually saw it first it was my little niece, I was washing my car. She asked me what that white thing in the sky was and I looked up and sure enough there was an object in the sky, if you asked me to give an exact description of it I couldn't. I was mesmerized by it for the fact that it stayed still. I mean it stayed still long enough because I kept looking at it trying to figure out what it actually was. And I asked her to go in the house and get the binoculars so that I could get a clearer view of it. By the time she had come back out it was still there, still in the same position."
"Well," continued Mr. Kelsey " it started to drift away it was just like a pure white object in the sky and it was just drifting at a very slow, what appeared to be a very slow speed but gaining altitude at the same time. I first saw it, it seemed, thinking back on it, seemed like at the angle I must have been looking at it, it looked like a square object. That's as close as I could say."

"Did you mention that to the Grimsby Evening Telegraph?" we asked.
"I didn't actually say that to the Telegraph because that's what it looked like going away. It was like a square object at the position I was seeing it in. It just stayed there and it was there for what seemed like a long time, it must have been a good four minutes. Which if you stand still for four minutes is a long time isn't it? Then it started to drift off. I followed it with the binoculars drifting off and it definitely wasn't a conventional aircraft because where I live it's the main flight path for Manchester Airport, and we see aircraft all the time, It was nothing like that. My brother-in-law said it may have been a weather balloon and if I hadn't seen it stay motionless for such a long time I would perhaps believe it could have been some sort of weather balloon."

"Were you looking at it from Freeman Street or is that your business address?" We continued."
"I live in Willingham Street which is just off Freeman Street and I would have been looking over my chimney pot and it would have been going towards, let me see, going towards Waltham looking out in that sort of direction. But at first I would have thought that it was hovering over the town (Grimsby) and as it was drifting off it was definitely gaining altitude but it wasn't going at a fast speed, it was only going gradual.":

We then explained about angles of elevation to Mr. Kelsey and asked him to explain to us were abouts in the sky it was, relative to his position, was it overhead or at an angle to begin with?
"Let's see. The houses down our street are like terraced houses, so I was on the bend which is about twenty foot from the door. Looking not directly up but, it was, was above the chimney pot. It was about 50 degrees.
At this point we thanked him for his time and speaking to us and we let him get back to work, promising him an explanation for the sightings in the area if we found one.

Mr. Kelsey's statement was no different in reality to the many similar types of statements given to UFOlogists all over the world, but it did confirm unusual events or aircraft of a VERY unusual makeup were in the skies over North East Lincolnshire on the day in question.

Our next interview with Mrs. Dorothy Ramsden, of Humberston, near Grimsby, concentrated on the events as described in the Grimsby evening Telegraph. Mrs. Ramsden confirmed the details as reported, here follows an outline of that newspaper article in Mrs. Ramsdens own words:

"There was an article in the Grimsby Evening Telegraph recently about an experience that you and your husband John had had?" We asked.

"Well, there's nothing more than what was in the paper. It was about half past seven at night. We were coming out of the Junior school we had been to see our grand daughter in a little comedy thing. And my husband looked up and he said "Whatever is that?" "It's a UFO."
I said don't be so stupid, you know. I was very skeptical. It was like a silver cigar-shaped object with like a pink glow around it and it was stationary. I drove the car home, my husband kept looking back and he could see it from quite a distance away."
After a brief pause she continued
"But it never moved or made a sound at all."

We were interested to find in which area of Grimsby her sighting had occurred?

"Waltham," Replied Mrs. Ramsden, "In the area of the Waltham Leas school. As we were coming out of the door (of the school) it was over the pensioner's cottages. The thing was there was no sound. Nothing at all. No sound. It was pretty really. Like I said a lovely silver cigar-shape with this lovely pink glow around it. We stood there looking at it for five or six minutes. That's all really that I can say about it."

One of our main concerns was that the article was reported correctly in the local press, as this been shown by our two previous interviews the local newspaper reporter had added a little 'poetic license' to the first recollection (Ms King), and then tried to put words into the mouth of another witness (Mr. Kelsey) by suggesting "did it have flashing lights and wheels."

So we asked if the local newspaper had reported her account accurately? And Has anybody else spoken to you about it?
"Yes. Oh yes." she replied "they reported it accurately but no one else as made contact with me about the details of my sighting. (We don't believe in little green men but there was definitely something there)". Well at least the Grimsby Evening Telegraph got this one right!

Our next contact was a Mrs. Reed, who lives in Princes Road, Cleethorpes, we spoke to her on 5th May. What follows is once again the partial relevant details about her sighting on 31 March 2000. (24 March) Interview began at 17:45

"We'd like to learn a bit more about the sighting that you reported to the newspaper?" We asked her.

"There wasn't very much to see really and there isn't much to learn to be honest. I must admit that the Telegraph are not very good at covering stories." (This comment didn't surprise us by now.) "Well" continued our witness "it is very basic. (Mrs. Reed was a bit nervous about talking with us at first until we put her at ease). But at the end of the day I cannot help what I saw! Do you know what I mean?"

"Can you tell us what it was that you saw?" we asked.

"A round bright light! (Nervous laughter) Yes it was a round bright light and it happened on a Friday. It was a Friday..." Paused Mrs. Reed.

"Was it April 7th?" asked Gary (that was the date in the original article)

"I think it was the Friday after we changed the clocks. (31 March though it may have been 24th )?"

"That would be the last Friday in March or first Friday in April? We usually change clocks on the 21st March to 28th. Said Gary. "Where was you actually when you saw this light?" Asked Gary.

"So, it would be the 31st of March actually. It was the first Friday after we changed the clocks over, and I was in the back garden, when I saw the light. I was looking out towards the River Humber." Replied Mrs. Reed.

"So you were looking out towards the Humber from your home in Cleethorpes? Tell me," continued Gary "did it strike you as being unusual or did it just look like an Aircraft light?"

"Well...." She paused for a second or two. "No... It wasn't an aircraft going over, I know what an aircraft looks like... But this was totally different," (She seemed to be getting upset at this point), she continued, "and as I was like getting the pegs up and down off the washing line that's when I noticed it. There was no natural explanation for it. It doesn't matter how I kept looking at it and thinking it was this or that, it was a plane, no it wasn't. It wasn't a plane, I know what I saw. It was something totally different to anything else that passes across the sky. Besides that it moved too fast".

We asked what colour the light was? And enquired about its movement across the sky? Did it move erratically?

"Well, actually for a start when I started getting my washing in, ." Continued Mrs. Reed, "I started looking up at the pegs to get the washing in and as I started to take a peg off the line I noticed this light. And it was following me down the washing line, I thought (nervous laughter) I don't believe this. I had read about the woman in Tetney (Ms King) you see and I thought Oh God! Is it my turn? (joking). Do you know what I mean. Then as I was going down the washing line this light was just like there. I thought it's following me down the washing line, that was my first thought (nervous laughter). And then when I got towards the end of the washing line, it seemed to move a bit quicker and I thought it's following me down the garden. Then as I came around towards the back door, as I got to the back door it seemed to just 'poohf' disappear. So quick. It was as if I had got to the end of the garage of my next door neighbour and it seemed to follow me down the washing line across the sky, obviously it was going down the River Humber for some reason. It wasn't just following me. It was just that I happened to notice a very round bright light. It was not slender, it wasn't aerosol shaped it was just a big round gold shining light. I turned around and it just went so fast. Wow!! Unbelievable. It wasn't like a helicopter it wasn't a plane, it wasn't anything like that..... it moved so fast." She Paused, and this gave us chance to ask another question.

"Do You know the direction it was heading in? Was it coming inland towards the West or was it going out towards the sea?

"When I first looked up it seemed to be going down the River Humber. I am not very good at directions and that sort of thing. But if it was coming down the Humber and got towards where the end of the garage is, it seemed to just disappear over Spurn Point. In that direction. (This was approximately east from her home.) And it seemed to go really high and then just disappear."
She paused again, then continued "I observed it for what seemed like a life time to be honest because it always seemed to be there... it must have been a good four minutes. Because I was mesmerized by it... I thought what the hell is that?

Gary then asked what time of the day this occurred?
"It was about twenty past five." She said, "It was light. In fact it was a blue sky and that's why it stood out and I thought well that isn't normal. You know I have seen a plane I have seen a helicopter and I know the sound and the look of the police helicopter when it's flying over and everything. But this was just totally unusual. It was like mesmerizing because it was different. Different to anything else that I had ever seen. But it wasn't the kind of thing that I would have thought yeah it's gonna beam me up or take me away, I wasn't very frightened of it. But it was just unusual. Very unusual, unusual the speed it disappeared at as well. It was a very calm still warm night. And when I looked up I thought what the hell is that? Because it grabbed your attention straight away. It shouldn't have been there? It was something totally alien to the skyline."

"Has anybody other than the newspapers spoken with you about this?" We asked

"No. No because I am a bit coy about it do you know what I mean because people have been saying terrible things, I know it's all in good fun and that. People who know me, know I have got a really wild sense of humour at the best of times. But at the end of the day I don't want to be classed as some sort of nut. But the Telegraph got in touch, well I phoned them up because obviously there was a boy from St. James School who had seen something similar. And I thought well if he is brave enough to say it, so I thought, I wonder if anyone else has seen it, I phoned in... Well I saw it the same time as this little guy and I thought well what I saw was very similar to what he saw and the same time on the Friday night. I thought that's got to be it.... So when I phoned the Telegraph up they said 'oh well we have had quite a few people phone in.' And I thought well I am not on my own then."

"Would you say that that was the thing that impressed you most, the speed at which it disappeared?

"Yes. Very much so." She answered "As I got to the back door it shot off straight away. But as I was watching it go across like the eyeline of next doors garage as I looked it just disappeared so quick. It was like a bullet out of a gun really. I went in and said to my husband 'you'll never believe what I have just seen?' and he said what. He said I was crazy and I said no I am not I know what I saw. It left such an impression with me. I thought to myself this is something totally new to me. It's definitely left an impression with me. What I saw was truly exceptional. What would go that quick then?

Gary then as an Offhand remark said "
I cannot think of anything that could accelerate that quickly, but a meteor can appear fast. The other explanation I might venture would be ball lightning which there are reports of doing similar things to what you mention. Though the weather conditions would perhaps need to be right to produce ball lightning, it is a little studied field. Well if we do find an explanation for it, we will get in-touch with you."
At this point we thanked her for her time and made our excuse to leave.

We felt that because of the amount of witnesses and the publicity behind the recent sightings it was time to make contact with the MOD. This we did and we outlined the recent spate of sightings in the area. After which we asked our questions of the MOD
To RAF Coningsby 56 Sq.

Dear RAF Coningsby 56 Squadron

I am a local researcher of anomalous aerial phenomenon, which usually can be explained by something mundane in 95%+ cases. Recently between March 24 - April 10 2000, a number of UFO sightings in the Grimsby area generated press interest by the Grimsby Evening Telegraph who featured them in four separate newspaper articles (which can be viewed at by typing UFO in the archive search).

My Questions:-

Obviously, RAF Coningsby has more important matters to occupy it's time with, so I will try to be as succinct as possible. I am aware that MoD rules apply in such cases for disclosing various details reported to RAF and other military installations, therefore I ask if you would please supply me with as much information as is permissible and or forward this mail to any relevant department who may want to view or reply to it.

1. Has RAF Coningsby been contacted recently between the above dates March 20 and April 10, by anyone in connection with possible UFO sightings in the Lincolnshire area?

2. Were any of these contacts by reporters from the Grimsby Evening Telegraph or any of the people mentioned in the above brief details or any of the following people? Adrian Cross, Joe Lumley, Lisa Bingham, Philip Mantle.

3. Is RAF Coningsby aware of any event involving aircraft or other aerial activity between or on the aforementioned dates, which may have generated the above sightings in Lincolnshire?

4. To your knowledge has the Ministry of Defence been notified about any anomalous aerial phenomena occurring in the Lincolnshire area during March and April of this year?

Thanks for you patience. I look forward in anticipation to hearing from you.

All best regards
Yours sincerely

Gary Anthony

We received the usual standard reply.
"Thank you for your recent query. It has been passed on to the appropriate person for further action.

Dave Clarke, Flight Lieutenant."

Needless to say we are still waiting for the authorities to get in touch with us. At the same time as these reports were coming in, we were contacted by e-mail about events further down the coast at Skegness.
"DATE: Thursday 4/5/00 Time : Approx..8-30 p.m.
PLACE : Approx.. 12 miles south of Skegness on the main road to Boston.

The couple involved were traveling towards Boston when an extremely bright flashing light in the eastern sky caught their attention. They stopped the car and realised that the light seemed to be rotating and although they could only guess, they estimated that it was about 3 miles or so to the East, above the coastline of The Wash. It was at an angle of approx. 35 degrees to the horizon. It was much larger than a light shown by a conventional aircraft and there was no beam emanating from it. The light itself was very white and incredibly bright. It appeared to be very large. It was almost motionless in the sky. The couple then heard the sound of a helicopter (initially thinking that it was coming from the light) which came into view from the South west flying directly towards the object.
When the helicopter was approaching the object they heard the sound of another helicopter approaching from the North west. Both helicopters were converging on the object. After looking for the second helicopter they looked again to where the bright object had been and all they could see were the lights from the first helicopter. From the beginning of the sighting to the end about 5 minutes had passed.
Also the following:-
I trust you remember the details of a sighting near The Wash a couple of weeks ago? In my humble opinion something is going on in the area. My wife and I have just spent about a week staying in a fairly remote place near to the coastline.
On several evenings and during the night we heard and felt what seemed to be a very large, slow moving craft more or less directly above us . The "craft " was extremely noisy but did not sound like a helicopter or jet. The sound was more like an incredibly powerful hum and we could feel the ground literally vibrating whilst it was nearby.
At times it moved from place to place in the sky but whilst it must have moved very quickly indeed there was no sound while it was ,in fact, moving.
We noticed that it only put in "an appearance" when there was very low and total cloud cover, hence we only heard and felt it because of the powerful vibrations.
At times it was in one part of the sky and almost immediately it had moved 90 degrees or so to another location.
Perhaps the military are testing something ????? Have you heard of anything similar?

Also in conjunction with the above reports comes more information about a sighting on the North bank of the River Humber, which corresponds with the Ramsden case details from Grimsby.

Three people were traveling along the A 163 road on Thursday, 6th April, at approximately 1.30am in the morning, when they noticed a red-orange-yellow object in the sky. They described it as being oblong shaped with a round end, it appeared to be stationary, in the sky. After what was described as 'a brilliant brightness of 3 or 4 seconds, the object was no longer there, I have never encountered such a brightness like this before.' said the first witness.

Another witness in the car continued with a similar description and once again pointed out the brightness of the object.
'The object appeared to be stationary, then there was this brilliant light, it only lasted a few seconds and then everything was gone!'

A third passenger, said, 'I was sat in the back of the car and I witnessed the whole area light up by this bright white light. There is nothing, I can describe can compare to the brightness we witnessed. All I can say it was an amazing experience.'
(It must be pointed out here that the above details were taken from an Internet site, and were investigated by others, and were not part of our investigations into the Grimsby and Lincolnshire sightings, but are included here to point out that strange events were occurring all over the East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire area of the country during April and May of this year.)

Recently, we contacted a reporter at the Grimsby Evening Telegraph in connection with some of the reports that came in, March and April of this year from Lincolnshire.
To cut to the chase the reporter told us of his complete disinterest in any serious study or follow up of any of the UFO reports, (this we have recorded on audio tape from the conversation we had with him, see below for details of Scartho case, 1998) because of an earlier incident which he had inadvertently generated by using gutter press type tactics.
However, he was quite willing to report inaccurate stories about UFO's to sell his paper and admitted this was sometimes part of his job, what concerned us had he done this in the recent April or May 2000, cases? well from our interviews with some of the witnesses concerned we would question the integrity of some of the reporters concerned. This issue is illustrative of many of the important points that need to be continually raised and considered by researchers, not least of which are a spectrum of sociological aspects and the kind of negative impressions this kind of attitude and reporting leaves on the rest of the topic and the people involved with it.
In 1998 there was an article in the Grimsby Evening Telegraph from the Scartho area, which the reporter told me was, in fact, a complete 'fiction' which he had written to fill space in the paper. Also, the reporter told me the newspaper subsequently received over thirty telephone calls, from people claiming they had witnessed the self same UFO mentioned in the fictitious newspaper report, at the same time. we have spoken with other reporters, who verified these telephone calls.
The recent Lincolnshire cases also suffered from similar large numbers of people ringing the newspaper to report both authentic and invented UFOs, so much so that the editor told all the reporters (four of them) to kill the story before it spiraled any further out of control. We had the daunting task of trying to sift through a lot of this information and see if we could determine what merited further follow-up - very difficult job. A problem associated with using the media; which some researchers are all too aware of.
Worrying, that the media has such power and generates this kind of response and that people are willing to be swept along or use it for dubious purposes; and emphatically more importantly that accuracy and truth are ultimately sacrificed... Usually for a fast buck! (Doesn't 'ufology' want to have any of these noble tenets? Do we all want to believe a lie? What of those people who have had inexplicable experiences and who deserve better?) So how do you decide which media generated reports are true or not? After all, if there are people out there willing to admit to seeing phantom UFO's, what investigation techniques at our disposal will reveal this or that person is telling the truth or a lie? This all makes the job of being an investigator of the phenomena we call UFOlogy more and more difficult.

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