The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
March 11, 2005

DATE: 11 March 2005


*** Entity tries to get into homes, especially those where it knows men are absent, in this small town in the Province of Cordoba ***

Since January, residents of La Playosa, a small city in Córdoba, are restless over the presence of a man who, like the legendary Lobizón, attempts to break into homes while issuing powerful howls. Several women have brought complaints to the local sheriff's office and to the fire department, but until now it has been impossible to apprehend the strange character who has the town up in arms.

"Generally speaking, it attacks dwellings in which no men are known to live, or happen to be away for various causes. It tries to break in through back yards and alleyways, knowing that only women or children happen to be present. Fortunately it has been unable to break into homes because the doors were locked," explained Ana, one of the women attacked by the Lobizón to the Cordoba newspaper La Mañana.

This woman's eyewitness account coincides with others who were able to see it through their windows. Ana adds: "It's a young person, thin and tall, wiry and very agile. It's eyes are bloodshot and is clad in black, I suppose with the intention of frightening the families of the homes it's trying to break into."

Investigators believe that the "lobizón" of La Playosa would be a deranged young man trying to break into the homes of some women he has studied previously and who, for some reason or another, have caused him to develop an interest or attraction. In any event, the town's peace has been disrupted and no one dares sleep with open windows, or to leave their doors unlocked, as used to be their custom.

Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales (IHU)
Special thanks to Proyecto Catent.

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