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An Interview with Patricia Hervías: "Los 32 Rumbos"

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
October 30, 2009

An Interview with Patricia Hervías: "Los 32 Rumbos"

Patricia Hervias is a researcher, novelist (La Sangre del Grial, Edicions Smara, 2007) and world traveler who became known to U.S. readers through her articles in FATEmagazine (one of them co-authored with yours truly) and contributions to Inexplicata. Patricia now embarks on a new odyssey: a website that bears the unusual name of “Los 32 Rumbos”, which translates roughly into “The 32 Bearings”

So tell us, Patricia – what does “Los 32 Rumbos” mean?

The actual meaning or what it means to us? Ha,ha! In fact, as all your readers are aware, the "32 bearings" are the bearings contained in the "Compass Rose" or "nautical rose" that sets out the bearings into which the horizon's circumference is divided. To us, our travels around the world can be divided across the horizon, along these 32 bearings...
But let's cut to the chase: the fact is that we want to present the world and its mysteries in the most personal way possible. What we saw, what we experienced, what we ate, where we slept and what we found.

Are your focused on UFO/paranormal material, or more on “earth mysteries” and unusual places?

The truth is that we don't dismiss anything out of hand, and in fact, while travel is sometimes mundane, we end up rooting around to find a different story, a different world and a paranormal anecdote. This can be of any sort, and with all possible assurances, however.

Who are the contributors to your project?

There are only two contributors, in fact: Josep Guijarro, who you've already come to know as a multifaceted UFO researcher, and who currently directs Rutas Del Mundo magazine, and myself...this is something we're doing from the heart.

What would U.S readers find interesting about the site?

Absolutely everything, because we've visited Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Argentina and we are hoping to visit many more locations in the Americas to show things that aren't featured in any guidebook or pamphlet. And above all, the vast history and mysteries of Europe, which I'm sure will delight your readers...and if anyone wants to foot the bill for us to visit the U.S.A., we'd be delighted to visit (laughs).

Any there new book projects in your future?

I'm working on two projects: one of them is a book on witchcraft, and the other is a short story collection. Our ship's captain, Josep Guijarro, is working on a book about all our travels..we'll keep you abreast of any developments. Thank you so much, Scott, and we hope you'll visit us at

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