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February 14, 2005

Carlos A. Iurchuk, a distinguished Argentinean UFO researcher and long-time collaborator of INEXPLICATA, has sent us the following communiqué from Carlos Ferguson, Coordinator of the Red Argentina de Ovnilogia (RAO - Argentinean Ufology Network), regarding the apparition of the odd marks or indentations last week. Mr. Ferguson is a resident of Mar del Plata.

The discovery of fungi in the Sierra de los Padres imprints does not invalidate the UFO alternative

Researcher Carlos Ferguson, director of the Mar del Plata UFO Research Commission and President of the Red Argentina de Ovnilogia (RAO), has spoked out on the events made public and involving the imprints found in Sierra de los Padres and Parque Palermo, Mar del Plata, stressing the following:

Every case has a certain research time that allows for a final verdict on the event. However, according to the data received only a few hours after the events took place, it can be said with a reasonable amount of certainty that an UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT appeared in the early hours of February 8 of this year, causing at least a pair of prints at Sierra de los Padres. Furthermore, we have already received word on 10 new prints in the Route 88 area, althought it is worth noting that these are not related to any UFO sighting whatsoever.

Returning to the Sierra de los Padres case: the testimony of Mr. Romelio Tapia is convincing with regard to the details of what happened. This person, without being influenced or having preconceived notions, restricted himself to describing his observation.

We are then faced with a CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE 2ND KIND event: on the one hand, the witness was alerted by the fear evinced by local animals. Without Tapia's testimony, the case would be limited to the appearance of the prints themselves, which shows the relevance of his experience. He saw a luminous white sphere (the most reported in these cases). When the UFO took off, marks were left behind that usually have a similar diameter. Similar cases have already taken place in Mar del Plata and elsewhere, as our statistics will show.

  1)  20 August 1965: Outskirts of Mar del Plata = Burn mark.
  2)  14 June 1968: El Boqueron = Burn Mark.
  3)  July/ August 1968: Parque Camet = Re-greening mark.
  4)  2 March 1973: Golf Club MDP = 30 charring marks and residue in the form of greyish dust.
  5)  6 January 1985: Mundialista Area = circle measuring 4.20 meters with greyish dust.
  6)  26 February 1987: SMATA campground = Circular and semi-circular dehydration marks.
  7)  3 March 1987: As above.
  8)  October 1988: Santa Clara del Mar = One 5 meter diam. burn mark.
  9)  March 1989: En Playa Dorada = One 14 meter diam. dehydration mark.
10)  October 1989: Santa Clara del Mar = One 4.70 meter diam. dehydration mark.
11)  February 1990: Caisamar = 1 print measuring 5 m./diam. with greyish dust.
12)  February 1990: Sierra de los Padres = 2 circles, one measuirng 4m and another 2 m, containing a sort of greyish dust and fungi.
13)  February 1990: Port = 2 circles (One measuirng 5 meters/diameter and smaller one) of greyish dust
14)  8 February de 2005: Sierra de los Padres.
15)  8 February 2005: Parque Palermo.

Generally speaking, some scorching, dehydration and a fine greyish dust have been found in these prints. The residues are usually found among some very small fungi. Some are already saying that if fungi are found in the Sierra de los Padres case, the case would be invalidated. Nothing could be further from the truth. These microscopic fungi are generated by something that activates them externally, adding to this the temperature present in the area (high humidity). But this would not invalidate at all the report on the presence of a UFO, which - as we know - posesses electromagnetic energy that could have well been the source of these prints.

This has nothing at all to do with another type of ground mark that UFO researchers know very well, and which are known as FAIRY RINGS. These are indeed a mere disease that occurs in the fields and have nothing to do with UFO prints, but fairy rings are not present in the Sierra de los Padres case.

In summary: We have not had ground marks of this sort in Mar del Plata since 1990 (at least publicly known). On the other hand, the "Pearl of the Atlantic" has a long history of UFO cases, ranking it 5th among Argentinean locales. We cannot make predictions, since it isn't an objective way of dealing with the situation. One thing is certain: according to the statistics in our files, and according to the phenomenon's activity over the past 2 years, we could be facing an intensification of UFO activity in this region.

Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, IHU

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