Newspapers Correct Article About Merida Alien

Today the Milenio newspaper corrected its article published Tuesday about the Merida alien case, wich according to Sergio Valdez and Jorge Moreno was a hoax. Initially Valdez and Moreno declared that researcher Jaime Maussan was deceived by David Espada and Jose Herrera, main witnesses of the March 20, 2005 incident quoting an alleged confesion that turned out to be false.

Both Milenio and Diario de Yucatan recognized they acted prematurely publishing Valdez and Moreno's story without checking the validity of their testimonies.

At the same time in Merida a press conference took place where the three boys involved in the March 20, 2005 incident denounced Sergio Valdez Diaz and Jorge Moreno for slander and attempt of bribe in damage of minors. Reporters from Milenio de Merida and El Diario de Yucatan along with several research groups were present at the press conference.

David Espada, Jose Herrera and Adrian Chala Torres declared that they never spoke to Sergio Valdez Diaz and all his statements made to the El Diario de Yucatan were absolutely false. Sergio Valdez Diaz was accused along with Jorge Moreno of attempting to bribe some children from the neighborhood offering 1,000 pesos to the one that agreed to say that he was disguised as an alien the night of the incident.

Some researchers from Merida located one of these children and got his statement on tape as evidence in a formal denunciation of Sergio Valdez and Jorge Moreno for corruption of minors. They are expected to be arrested sometime this weekend.

Jorge Moreno and Sergio Valdez Diaz publish a local magazine named Misterios, with pornographic content and have an obscure background among the ufologic community in Yucatan. Both Moreno and Valdez are under investigation charged of fraud and corruption of minors and were denounced for dishonest activities and deceiving several newspapers from Merida causing confusion.

This Alien encounter in Merida story has taken on big proportions in Mexico and is almost in everyone's mouth, awakening an unusual interest among the news and TV reporters in other states.

The incident took place in March 20, 2005 and was investigated by Merida's researchers Emilio Cetz and Gustavo Aleman along with the research groups Vision OVNI and Asociacion Ufologica de Merida for several months.

The story went national when TV journalist Jaime Maussan presented the case and the footage on Tuesday January 10, 2006 on national television from Mexico City causing expectation due to the bizarre nature of the incident.

Till this moment David Espada, Jose Herrera and Adrian Chala Torres, 19, 18 and 17 years old respectively continue sticking faithfully to their story and confirmed their testimonies before the press in Merida.

The incident remains unexplained.

Santiago Yturria


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