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Mexico: A Schoolteacher's Alien Encounter

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
December 17, 2007

Source: "Debate" (Sinaloa, Mexico - newspaper)
Date: 12.05.07

MEXICO: A Schoolteacher's Alien Encounter

MOCORITO - (Maria Elizalde) - The time was nearly 05:00 when an unexpected visitor appeared before her. She felt neither fear nor uncertainty. She only recalls having felt an odd sense of peace upon seeing that "body" of gelatinous material "the color of honey".

No questions were asked at first. But she later inquired: "What do you seek here with your presence?" This is the contact experience of Violeta Ortiz Castro last Sunday (December 2nd) when an extraterrestrial entity appeared in her bedroom. Not only that - she was also able to capture it on video and photos on her cellphone.

That morning, Violeta arrived home after 04:00 hours, returning from a family celebration. Upon returning, she was about to put on her pajamas, as usual, turning on some music while she fell asleep and also lit a cigarette.

She sat on the floor to smoke, on the left hand side of the bed, listening to Vicki Carr's "Me Recordarás", when the strange image appeared less than a meter away from her. Is it real? She wondered.

Stunned by the visit, she later asked it: "What do you seek here with your presence?"

The world of the extraterrestrial had interested her from before, so she did not hesitate to think that she was facing a being from another planet. The creature, stating approximately 80 cm tall, looked at her fixedly while she asked questions that received no answer.

"I'm not afraid of you, because God is with me," she told it. As it refused to answer, she told it she would take pictures of it.

The time was 04:57 when her cellphone captured the first video. The screen shows a honey-colored image and large eyes. According to the young woman's description -- she is a preschool teacher -- the creature's feet resembled those of a chicken, and instead of hands, it had something resembling the spines of a fish skeleton. While she never touched it, she said that the creature's skin looked gelatinous, and that the only reaction she observed from her "visitor" were head movements from side to the other.

Violeta managed to take three videos and five photographs, the last at 5:07 hours, which shows the image fading, as though the entity was being transported away. She was deeply impressed by this experience, but states feeling no fear at any time.

"It inspired much peace and tranquility. After it was gone, I felt paralyzed. I didn't get up, didn't scream, or made any noise whatsoever."

40 minutes later, she managed to get up and went to her older sisters room to tell her what had happened. Her sister was frightened and did not allow her to return to her bedroom. They tried to get some sleep.

The experience was discussed the next day with the rest of the family, and the cellphone images gave everyone "goosebumps"

She found it unbelievable that the entity could have gotten into her home while they were all asleep. Violeta remarks that the alien was perhaps trying to send a message through her, and she would like to see it again. "I would have liked to touch it or hug it, because I felt tenderness toward it. I take this as a good sign. We're different beings and maybe it was trying to tell us something."

That very same night, shortly before 22:00 hours, Jesus Antonio Gutierrez claims that he saw a UFO when he was in the backyard of a home located on Donato Guerra street.

Upon returning home, the first thing he told his wife was: "Honey, for the first time in my life I've seen a UFO." He explained that it was an object that flew around moving slowly, making shapes similar to the letter "V". Whe saw the light, it increased threefold in size. "I felt that they saw me."

There are other eyewitnesses to the sighting, and all of them agree that there were aliens in Mocorito that night:

22:00 hours, Saturday 12.01: A neighbor saw a UFO near Donato Guerra street.

23:00 hours, Saturday 12.01: Other neighbors saw a strange light they ascribed to the UFO.

05:00 hours, Sunday 12.02: An alien appears inside a home in the town's historic central district.

(Source: "Debate" Newspaper, Afternoon Edition, Guamuchil, Sonora, Mexico)

Ana Luisa Cid managed to interview reporter Maria Elizalde, who covered the story of the schoolteacher's alien encounter. "Given the lack of images of the alleged alien, I thought it prudent to interview the reporter and learn more specifics about this case," she says. "Ms. Maria Elizalde kindly accepted my call and these are her statements."

Ana: Are you aware of Professor Violeta Ortiz's videos and photos?

Maria: Yes, I'm aware of the photos and the videos. The teachers room can be seen in the half light and there is the silhouette of a short creature with a large head and dark eyes. Neither hands nor feet can be seen. Violeta can be heard singing on the video. She used a Motorola V5 cellphone.

Ana: Does the alleged being move or does it remain static?

Maria: Yes, it moves. It has a slight side-to-side movement.

Ana: Forgive me, but this question is obvious. Couldn't it be a trick?

Maria: No, I don't think it's a trick. I know Violeta because she's an in-law of mine. Furthermore, other people reported seeing UFOs since Saturday.

Ana: Why isn't there a photo of the strange entity in your newspaper article?

Maria: I had one and intended to publish it, but Violeta didn't want me to. She believes that if we publish the material, someone may take it and doctor it. However, she has shown her videos to many people. About 50 people visited her home during the first two days and she showed them her material. She also did the same at work. Since Mocorito is a small town, the news spread quickly.

Ana: Had the teacher taken photos of this nature before?

Maria: Well, she's very interested in extraterrestrial concerns, but she had never taken photos like these. She has other very interesting photos, such as a face that can be seen in the bottom of a photo. She took that when she was alone. There was no one else at home, and she's picked up other things with her cellphone. In fact, strange phenomena occur in her neighborhood. That site formerly held a graveyard and then a hospital. Mocorito is a place with a lot of history.

Photo of Violeta Ortiz Castro

(Translation (c) 2007. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid and Maria Elizalde)

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