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Mexico: Lights Cause Earthquake in the Huasteca Region

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
March 19, 2007

SOURCE: El Mañana de Valles (newspaper)
DATE: 03.19.07

MEXICO: Lights Cause Earthquake in the Huasteca Region

According to the news item dated March 19, 2007 from the "El Mañana de Valles" newspaper, 30 earthquakes have been recorded over the past 3 months in Rancho Nuevo, municipality of Tamasopo.

Local residents told reporter Julio Reyes that when the strongest earthquake took place, there was a large red circle in the sky that was allegedly formed by UFOs.

"All of us saw it and we were very frightened. The ground started shaking underfoot and we had to find shelter," said some of the families that still remain in Rancho Nuevo.

Geologists conducting the studies mentioned that a considerable number of "basements" and underground water deposits are found in the region, explainable due to the elevation above sea level.

The new fear, added to that of earthquakes, is that locals are concerned about the appearance of lights in the sky, which they have come to associate with the UFO phenomenon. The need for deeper study has been suggested, since sightings of unidentified flying objects have been frequent in the Sierra Madre Oriental, specifically in the areas of Tamasopo and Aquismón.

Meanwhile, the Municipality of Tamasopo is offering psychological assistance to families in Rancho Nuevo to assuage their fears.

Moreover, researcher Pedro Negrete adds that the state government shut down a local road last week to dynamite large boulders -- big enough to threaten the communities-- loosened by the earthquake, wondering if these lights were natural or artificial in origin, considering that luminous phenomena a relatively common during seismic activity, but not dismissing altogether the possibility that they may have another provenance.

(translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)

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