The recent UFO fleet over Mexico city videotaped by Arturo Robles Gil on April 11, 2005 convinced skywatcher Larry " lawwalk " from Kaufman, Texas to come forward and tell about his sighting and present his evidence videotaped on the afternoon of May 3, 2004 in Kaufman County, Texas.

In a message to BJ Booth of UFO Casebook Larry " lawwalk " mentioned having seen the April 11 mexican UFO fleet footage and decided to tell his story. According to the article published in the UFO Casebook webpage Larry was confused and disconcerted by the unusual sighting he experimented that afternoon of May 2004 due to the numerous objects flying in formation at a clear day.

Larry confessed that he thought these was a formation of rare birds of some kind but being unsure of what he got on tape decided to keep it secret with him until he found the mexican footage.

The video is great. At broad daylight and a tree as a reference, We have studied this video here in Mexico and according to it's characteristics and parameters we concluded that it's consistent with the mexican UFO fleets videos, same behavior, same movement in perfect synchronized formation the Kaufman Texas May 3, 2004 footage by Larry " Lawwalk " is for us a UFO fleet evidence.

This is a confirmation that the UFO flotillas is a global phenomena and more reports are coming from other countries. Thanks to Larry and BJ Booth for releasing this information and provide the evidences.

Santiago Yturria


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