A new video presenting a spectacular UFO fleet of more than 500 objects in the sky over Mexico city was provided by Pedro Avila, mexican skywatcher and director of the skywatch group " The Eyes Of The City ".

The sighting took place on April 8, 2005 at 8:25 AM witnessed by Maria Montserrat Romero, housewife and skywatcher member of " The Eyes Of The City " when doing her routinary skywatch in her home at Fraccionamiento Residencial Santa Cruz in Naucalpan de Juarez, Estado de Mexico.

Mrs. Monserrat Romero discovered to her surprise a huge formation in the sky at high altitude and began videotaping the strange phenomena. Maria was able to make important zooms to the multiple luminous objects and to her surprise she could count more than 500, certainly an amazing sighting comparable to the one from July 10, 2004 in Guadalajara.

The sighting lasted 12 minutes and almost at the end an ejecutive jet passed by at lower altitude being recorded on tape along with the fleet in an important reference to the footage.

The report and footage was provided to researcher and tv journalist Jaime Maussan by Pedro Avila and the case with interviews will be presented on national tv this weekend as a new element in our permanent research on the UFO Fleet Phenomena.

Santiago Yturria


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