Amboy, California I Sat In My Car In A Blue Green Fog - Missing Time

Date: 8/12 or 8/15 1991
Time: After dark

Hi Brian, this too happened to me (1991) 8/12 or 8/15 being a Friday afternoon. It began as I rounded a dry lake bed at Amboy, Ca. Note a recent report on of a landed UFO in the same area from Davenports site. I was driving alone, both front windows were rolled down because my air conditioning was not working and all four locks on the car doors were engaged. The narrow two lane road then goes up a hill, It was about 4:00 p.m.

At the hills top it turned dark, then curtain black. Could see only a brilliant blue/white light at water tower height ahead in the distance that was flashing. Once glimpsed a northwestern tree line on the left side of the road. In returning back over the same road the next day noted only a few short little trees scattered about upon it as this is a high desert environment.

In the blackness I could not see anything let alone the road and lost control of the car before I could stop it. It just seemed to be sliding back and fourth across the road because I could hear the tires screeching and then noticed, in order. I had no head lights, no brakes, and the steering wheel mechanism was not working. Out of control, prepared my prayers for death as I took my hands off the useless wheel as I saw a red flashing light up and to the right of my peripheral vision as a male voice inside my head said, "relax, we are in full control now, your in for the ride of a lifetime." I had an impression, that a tube was being attached to my exhaust pipe and a substance was being injected through it into the car that made no sense since the windows were open. I had by now lost all interest in what appeared to be my eminent death, resolving not to miss so much of a second of what was to yet to come.

The very next moment I sat in my car in a blue green fog still wearing my seat belt. The car engine was cold as if I had been there for some time and the windows were now rolled up and the four door locks still engaged. It was so hot in that car I could barely breath. Yet hell or high water could not make me unlock the door and again prepared my prayers for emanate death, rather then open a window so much as a crack as a scene unfolded in front of my car. As the fog began clearing, that I will not relate as this post is already too long.

That again seemed to impose for the third time, if your counting an eminent death ahead because I failed to mention that before any of it started a eminent accident on the road way prior to driving up that hill had been avoided by little more than a inch or two.

After the scene ended, and still very much alive, I decided asphyxiation was not the way to go so decided to crack the window only to find that I was paralyzed and could only move my eyes. The next moment, was driving down the bright moonlet road, both windows down, cool and very happily and high as a kite admiring the view that illuminated a lunar looking landscape due to the desolate looking boulders on the drivers side of the road as another scene, that I will also omit unfolded.

In the end, I arrived at my destination from about fifteen minutes to forty five minutes to a hour later than estimated. I had never driven the road before and the time was a estimation of that of two other friends who had.

Just as I reached the bottom of the lake bed, prior to driving up the hill a new blue Lincoln passed me. At the top of the hill, just before it began to grow black, the Lincoln was so close in front of me I nearly rear ended it. Emerging from the sitting still experience, high as a kite, the Lincoln was still there on the road ahead of me as another omitted scene occurred that ended in the sky behind me. Having slowed down a couple to a few minutes to forty five from about sixty five to turn my head around behind me to watch it. When I turned back around the Lincoln was gone.

The view was unobstructed for a very long distance ahead of me. Stunned to realize the Lincoln should have been there within easy view as I speeded up to catch sight of it and drove for twenty minutes at ninety-five miles a hour to find it scaring self nearly to death because I have never driven that fast before or since. Then and only then did I slow down, catching sight of a car making a right turn on to the main freeway ahead by about another twenty minutes on the road ahead of me.

Not entirely convinced it was the Lincoln. Mathematically to my mind the numbers did not add up.

The missing time so messed up my mind and it got so bad it that after seven years I could not concentrate for more than two minutes at a time and my mind would always go back to the event. I was always getting lost in a town that was only a few blocks square in size. My daughter said it was disease symptoms. With some extra bucks contacted a regressionist, she had me lay down on the floor with a pillow as she suggested I return to the memory of the road where it was dark, get an imaginary flashlight out of the glove compartment, get out and shine it under my car. Yes, the wheels were above the road, at least a few feet, at least three of them were. The next night as I lay down in bed to sleep the missing time memories filled in to reveal what actually may have really happened, only to add more weird events and to make a long story short my mind straightened out and still works even better than before. Like all mysteries many of us carry, it will probably never be solved but at least it was put behind me and allowed me to move ahead with my life.

Thank you to the person for relating their experience to us all.


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