Heading Home To New Albany, Indiana Possible Missing Time ?

Date: Early 1980's
Time: Evening

In the early 80's I was living in Nashville Tennessee and traveling to my home town of New Albany Indiana ( Indiana side of Ohio river from Louisville Ky) on the weekends to participate with my friends that had a stockcar. I made the trip numerous times and always left about the same time, right after work on Friday. I would gas up the car the night before, and pack my over night case Friday morning. I would eat a full lunch and drive straight through and catch a snatch when I arrived in New Albany.

It's about a 4 hour drive doing the speed limit. All the previous times I arrived within 15 minutes of that 4 hour mark. Then one day I arrived over an hour and a half past that mark. I was stunned when I noticed the time, ( my cars clock did not work and I was not wearing a watch.) When asked why I was so late, I had no explanation.

Then I remembered something that was odd. Coming through some hills and valleys on I-65, the traffic was light, and I noticed a glow off the side of the highway off the opposite side of the highway. Having made this trip before, I never had seen anything like that. The glow was pulsating, a mild red/orange glow. I began to think maybe a car had crashed and caught fire, maybe it was a grass fire, thinking that the glow was from the flicker of a fire, either way, I decided to investigate. I have stopped several times for accidents in the past so this was in my character.

I remember I looked in my mirrors again and started to slow and pull to the side. Then next thing I remember I was driving down the highway. You know how you feel when you are suddenly awakened from a deep sleep? That's how I felt. Like "snap" and I'm suddenly wide awake. I had no recollection of stopping to find out what the glow was, but I do remember slowing down and starting to pull off the highway.

I also want to state that when I arrived late, I was also asked if I felt okay, they said that I looked very tired, I was feeling very fatigued, and went straight to bed. At the time I was in my 20's and in good shape and health. Normally I would go to the race car shop to see if everything was finished, meet with my friends and drink a beer or two. I was so tired, I just went to bed, not even returning my friends phone calls. On this occasion I was stone cold sober and probably had not had a drink since the previous Sat

One other thing that I would like to add, that when I see the top of a water tower at night, the ones that have that a disc shaped top ( not the round type ) and a flashing red light on the top, I get this feeling, it's hard to describe, its almost like feeling very afraid, and I relive that event. There's one by the old U.S. Steel plant on Charlestown Road that triggers it. Years later I had heard about lost time, and that bothered me, talking about being taken, I thought about trying to find out if that may of happened to me, but I really don't want to know. I can deal with it as it stands, but if it were more than that, I do not think I could deal with it.

Thank you to the witness for the report.


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