The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
April 6, 2005

Source: CIUFOS-LaPampa
Date: April 6, 2005

A Follow-Up On The Coronel Suarez Cattle Mutes

Only a few days ago INEXPLICATA reported on the resurgence of cattle mutilation activity in the Argentinean Pampa.

Researcher Raul Oscar Chaves of the CIUFOS-LaPampa investigative organization has provided an update on the situation at our request. His information suggests that mutilation activity is on the upswing again, but it it is too early to tell if a replay of the 2002 events is in the wings (Argentina's 2002 cattle mutilation epidemic commenced during the month of May that year).

With regard to the Suarez mutilations, writes Chaves in his reply to our inquiry, cattle ranchers are refraining from reporting cases to the authorities in spite of the losses suffered. Readers will remember that the 2002 wave ended somewhat "abruptly" in August of that year not because the mutilation events drew to a close, but because the authorities refused to accept any further complaints involving mutilations.

Seven deer have turned up mutilated in a hunting preserve.

"A while ago we learned that ten mutilated cows had been discovered. The most striking aspect of this is that circle marks appeared in the pastures, and all of the cows appeared in the perimeter of one of the circles, heads pointing toward its middle. We always work on-site, securing all information necessary to appraise each case," adds Chaves.

The alignment of mutilated animals was seen during the 2002 mutilations and in the 1995-96 Chupacabras depredations in Puerto Rico.

The latest case appears to involve a mutilated cat whose carcass was found at a country estate. The witness allegedly saw strange lights and nocturnal sounds resembling "the sound of the wind", after which she found the mutilated pet.

Scott Corrales
Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

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