Chile: Another Mystery Predator Attack In Curico

Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales

DATE: July 9, 2004

The event occurred at a Curicó fruit plant is added to the agressions at Parral in recent days. CURICO - Parral is not alone when it comes to attacks by strange creatures resembling "winged dogs". This also happened in Curicó, at least at the COPEFRUT fruit company, where a truck driver claims that he was attacked by a creature having the same characteristics as the ones that assaulted a Parral resident some days ago, along with the massive slayings of hens and sheep.

Until yesterday morning, the incident that took place last Sunday at the fruit plant, some 2 km. north of Curicó, was kept secret, not out of an urge for concealment, but because some had refused to believe the trucker's story. However, photographs taken at the site where the event took place filtered through, showing strange footprints that ratify the reported assault, in the opinion of many.

While the affected truck driver, whose identity has been kept confidential, is not in the area, his story has circulated with great speed.

According to the first details known, at 0400 on Sunday morining, one of the truckers working on the premises of COPEFRUT had to park somewhat far from the point of entry into the premises. At the time, the driver's vehicle was accosted and attacked by a strange creature that placed its legs on the ground and then flew off. The frightened driver attempted some sort of maneuver to reach an area where he could find more people, which was almost impossible due to his nerves. After some minutes, he managed to tell his story, although he was unable to furnish details as to what had attacked him. He only said having seen an animal that flew away, but which did not have the characteristics of a bird.

This event immediately brought to mind Juan Roberto Acuna Pereira, who was attacked at Parral by "two strange beings, like earless dogs with wings," boasting sharp teeth and claws.


Image of claw prints

The photos taken at the fruit plant show the presence of three sharp claws that drew the attention of some researchers. One of them, Fernando Nilo, who looks into this type of case, analyzed the photos yesterday, saying the were linked to a "feline-type animal walking on two legs, and able to fly." Nilo added that in recent months he has received information from two other points in the province of Curicó, where strange creatures have been reported. "We have reports that strange birds were reported three time in two locations in Curicó, and in some sites along the Guaiquillo river," he noted.


Meanwhile, EL CENTRO newspaper contacted the company where the trucker incident occurred and where workers have made it the subject of general conversation, "half in earnest, half in jest".

Plant manager Rodrigo Monje said that the company will not make reference to the incident, although he did confirm that he had been with the truck driver, who was "very frightened and nervous."

The executive added that the subject has been the a source of humor in the company, although they respect the driver's telling of the events, which is the only one, since there were no witnesses.

He added that company security guards made their customary rounds during the night and heard nothing out of the ordinary.

Translation (c) 2004.
Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)
Special thanks to CIFAE-CHILE.

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