The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
February 11, 2005

SOURCE: La Capital (Buenos Aires)
DATE: 02.11.05


More circles on grass were found at a potato processing plant on Route 88. The circle is completely closed and is monitored. No explanation for this strange phenomenon has been found.

Mysterious circular marks were found yesterday on the grass in several local areas, similar to the ones found at "El Paraiso" at the 20 km marker of Route 226.

This time, one of the cases -- linked by many with UFO sightings -- took place at the Fernandez Hermanos potato processing plant, located on Rt. 88 and Hernandarias, some 6 km away from El Paraiso.

The discovery was made on Wednesday morning but was reported yesterday by company managers.

"While it did seem something strange to us we gave it little importance. When we read in the papers that something similar had happened on Rt. 226 we reported the case," explained a company employee to LA CAPITAL.

The circles at the Fernandez Hermanos plant were allegedly created between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, at the same time that an identical phenomenon took place on Rt. 226.

This time the marks -- around 10 in number -- appeared in a broad lot in the middle of the establishment, next to a greenhouse and a truck loading and unloading area.

The premises are fenced in and monitored, thus dismissing the possibility that a stranger could have broken in during the night.

One of the first to become aware of the situation was Hugo Giovannangelo, who performs maintenance duties at the company. "I arrived at 7 am and when I went out to the lot, I saw some very strange rings. I was accompanied by a co-worker, with whom I jested that UFOs might be involved."

According to management, no activity was carried out in that part of the premises which could account for the strange phenomenon. "We only mow the grass there. No chemical products are dumped there and trucks aren't allowed to park on it."

Giovannangelo was startled by another fact. He stated that the guard dog on the premises was "very nervous and aggressive" when he went to feed it.

Oddly enough, at El Paraiso, where a local resident claimed having seen a light in the night, something similar happened to the animals. "We couldn't sleep all night because the dogs were restless and the pigs were squealing," said one woman.

There were no witnesses on hand to explain what happened Wednesday morning in the case recorded in the potato plant. All of the personnel left Tuesday at 22:30 after having eaten a meal. Only a watchman was left on site, who claims having seen nothing at all.

Company management was trying to locate a trucker who slept aboard his vehicle during the time at which the marks were created, but could not locate him. Should the driver have been awake at the time, he would have clearly seen what caused the impression, since his vehicle was parked only meters away. "But the man loaded up, went off to Rosario and we still haven't found him."

Phylopathologist Alberto Escande of the School of Agricultural Science and the INTA took photos of the grass to analyze them at his lab in Balcarce.

Escande, who has a broad knowledge of grass illnesses, did not conceal his astonishment. He explained that the grass "shows no signs of being burned" but rather shows some kind of dust on its surface, similar to a fungus. But what has intrigued the researcher was the way in which the marks were distributed -- in the shape of rings -- and the fact that the phenomenon has affected all grasses equally. "Generally funguses affect a single species, and in this case we can see that even clovers and weeds are affected. However, no explanation can be put forth until a lab analysis has been performed," he said.

Translation (c) 2005, Scott Corrales, IHU.
Special thanks to Christian Quintero.

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