New Mexico Sightings - February/March 1999

A report from Christopher O'Brien

10th March 1999

A close proximity report of unexplained aerial activity near or over a small body of water has surfaced in Northern NM. Note: The La Veta, CO Jan 26th sighting featured a craft extending a beam into a small lake on the 18th hole of the La Veta Golf Course

February 19th 1999 : ¼ Mile South 0f Black Lake, New Mexico

Fri Feb 19, 1999 between 9:30 PM and 10:00 PM, 1/4 mile south of Black Lake, NM--about 23 miles SE of Taos, NM, CE1 Duration: 5-10 minutes Mora/Colfax Counties (O'Brien)

A couple w/ a south facing house witness 2 objects (each w/ a single brilliant white light) rise from the Coyote Canyon area NE of Chacon, NM., about 2 miles south of their home. Lights viewed under binoculars were "rapidly oscillating as if they were rapidly spinning." Woman witness described the lights as being between their vantage point and the mountains 2 miles away. The lights were described as being "... so bright they left an after-image" when the witnesses looked away.

Within minutes of the commencement of the sighting the first two objects/lights were joined by 4 similar lights/craft. 1st two objects stopped out "in front of the living room window" and "began bouncing around like they wanted our attention." Then, the group of lights headed down to the lake for several minutes before 2 of the objects went straight up and the other 4 "drifted off over the mountains to the south."

No sound was associated with the entire episode and in the witnesses estimation, there was "no way they were helicopters." Woman estimated they were less than a mile away at their closest approach and completely silent.

The following day a truck driver told the couple he had been returning up NM 434 after a delivery; at the same time as the couple's sighting, and had also witnessed the 6 unusual lights.

March 4th 1999 : North of Del Norte Airfield, Colorado

Thu Mar 4, 1999 at 11:00 PM North of Del Norte, CO Airfield AN1 Rio Grande County (O'Brien)

A couple that live near the Del Norte, CO airstrip call to report watching "a large straw-colored light hovering over Jeep Hill," 1/4 mile away to the SW of their house. They estimated the size of the light to be "15 feet in diameter."
Craft/object/light then turned on a spotlight which illuminated the area below it. Witnesses told me this was the second sighting of a similar light/event in the area; the first event occurred in the late Fall '98.

The Black Lake, NM couple claims they have watched similar bright white lights "almost ever night" since a multiple-object sighting on Feb 19. Lights have appeared to be higher in altitude. In one sighting:

March 8th 1999 : Black Lake, New Mexico

Mar 8, 1999 at 8:30 PM, Black Lake, NM; a bright white light [similar to the lights in the Feb 19 sighting] appeared to rise from behind the mountains (just to the south of their location), to the altitude of a passing jet. The light "paced the plane--sitting 15 miles behind it" as the two headed south toward Las Vegas, NM.

Tue Mar 9, 1999, 5:30-6:00 AM Crestone, "Olde Town." Three buildings in Olde Town catch fire and burn to the ground SAME DAY

Tue Mar 9, 1999 Northern/Central SLV 12:10 PM 4 Jets N to S down the SLV MTR. 2 went over Blanca, 2 went down westside of SLV toward Greenie Ridge 12:20 PM a "large jet/cargo plane toward Greenie." 1:45 PM 2nd cargo plane heads toward Blanca after 1st 2 fighters. 4:30 PM Jet "vibrates" the Baca headed N to S down the Sangres.

After cruising along w/ no flap-levels of activity, I'm back in the saddle a-gin . . .

Christopher O'Brien
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