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NUFORC has just posted approximately 900 new reports to its website. I apologize for the delay, given that the last post was on March 11.

In addition, we have posted to our homepage three interesting cases, two recent cases from the Pacific Northwest, and an interesting report from Paintsville, KY, that allegedly occurred in February 2002.

I invite comments from the list regarding the latter. Does anyone know of the case the witness describes, in which a freight train is alleged to have collided with a UFO?

I have received e-mail already from individuals who apparently work in the railroad industry, who apprise me that the factual content of the report appears to them to be correct, and that the terminology used by the witness appears to be consistent with someone who is knowledgeable with the train industry. The witness has failed to respond to two messages from me about the alleged event.

Regarding the event over Portland, OR, on the evening of Saturday, April 29, 2006, I have attempted on several occasions to induce The Oregonian newspaper to do an article, or at least to interview one, or more, of the witnesses to the alleged event. To date, all attempts have failed.

For similar cases, involving clusters of multiple lights over a major metropolitan area, I invite you to view the cases posted to our site for the following locations and dates:

Prescott, AZ Date: February 04, 2000

Rockford, IL Date: February 16, 2000

Carteret, NJ Date: July 15, 2001

Tinley Park, IL Date: August 21, 2004

Tinley Park, IL Date: October 31, 2004

Tinley Park, IL Date: October 01, 2005


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