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First, Brazil. Now, Argentina.

The continent's authorities will see very fast that there is a urgent need for disclosure. Society is strongly requesting it, and so are the UFO researchers. In Brazil, as you all know, we have managed to make the Government disclose over 5,000 pages of docs and hundreds of pictures in the last years. Some really remarkable, such as the attached (original and translated -- go to the conclusions).

It is still only the tip of the iceberg, as we now know that there are over 12,000 kg of UFO related docs in the country, most of it about UFOs in the Amazon (Operation Saucer). We will get much more material soon, as we will not give up trying and moving our actions. Almost every week we have a new retired military (some still on duty) willing to reveal what they know. It is getting bolder every day.

Best regards!

A. J. Gevaerd
Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine
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