The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
October 30, 2005

SOURCE: La Patria
DATE: October 30, 2005


"Oruro is undergoing an unidentified flying object (UFO) flap", said UFO specializt Alvaro Munguia Becker after witnessing and evaluatiing the recordings and photographs provided by journalists and citizens alike, taken since October 8. The ufologist reached our capital city yesterday in order to evaluate and study this phenomenon. Journalists and citizens who took photos visited the Federacion de Empresarios Privados de Oruro (FEPO - Private Business Federation) where they met with the expert to glean his knowledge.

Munguia expressed admiration over the quality of the images and for those who took them.

"This causes the images to be more credible. I say more credible because tricks and montages abound, and this results in the belittling of any UFO investigation. However, what I was able to see were varied images that have similarity [to each other]," he said.

The ufologist did not venture if whether these were beings from other worlds or alien vessels or from other dimensions. However, similar images have been analyzed in Spain, the UK and the USA.

"They fully match, and in closing we can say that the images taken by a varied group of individuals must be digitally analyzed in order to determine the number of pixels, color, heat and everything that these images might represent, eliminating all atmospheric or meteorological phenomena, ballistic missiles or advanced technology aircraft," he added.

"This can be analyzed, but what strikes one most is the phenomenon's continuity in Oruro. I understand that this situation commenced on October 8 and we are now on the 28th and 29th of October. This makes it approximately 20 days that the sightings have occurred, confirmed by citizens and journalists. The phenomenon continues, and this gives us the guidelines to say that a UFO flap is taking place over Oruro," he explained.


Translation (c) 2005, S. Corrales (IHU). Special thanks to Jose Martinez, Proyecto ARGUS, Puerto Rico.

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