Visitations In Pabos Gaspe Coast, Canada

Report from Brian Vike

Hi, I was wondering if you have had any reports of people being zapped with electricity. I have had a lot of strange visits and attacks in the past, One in particular happened about 6 years ago, I woke in the middle of a dream with sleep paralysis, I could only open my eyes a bit. I could make out 2 little guys next to the bed possibly 5 ft tall. I had a type of helmet on my head and I was being electrocuted. There was also a piece of metal or something holding down my tongue.The waterbed splashed and my body vibrated violently as they telepathically told me not to eat after I wake up, and when I did I was starving, of course I told myself this cant be real and had pizza which made me vomit clear liquid. For about 2 hours after I felt waves of vibration surging down through my body. The next evening I had an episode of missing time. The kids were asleep, I sat on my bed with a can of coke, opened it/next moment, lying down, coke spilling all over. I have fainted once or twice, this was nothing like that! I went to check the kids and my youngest was asleep, sitting up with a bleeding nose.

Now I haven't thought of it in a while but there have been a lot of sightings this week in my area (Pabos Gaspe Coast Canada) I have had some "dreams" (one that a being arrived on a ship and came to see me and this baby I had who he claimed was his son.) my biological mother (I met when I was 25) (lives in Montreal) also has had some dreams this week including the electrocution episode which she thought might have been a seizure if it wasn't for the helmet and the fact that she's never had a seizure before. I woke up 2 mornings ago with a needle mark on the top of my foot and a bruise around it. My mother had a "dream" that a bug from space with a long needle stung her in the forehead and woke up with a mark there too.

I was adopted and grew up in a family that did not believe in ghosts, aliens or such, but I did! I was a very strange child, and new a lot about spiritual things like reincarnation very young. Nobody understood me at all. I suffered with sleep paralysis, astral traveled, saw balls of light over the crib as a baby ( I thought were bees), many nights of black cloaked figure sitting on my chest and I saw my grandmother once after she died ect...When my adoptive mother was dyeing, her last words to me were find your biological mother, I did 3 months later, and found that my problem is hereditary, my great grandfather was a healer. my mother and father saw something strange one night in the woods while camping, the night I was conceived. And my mother sister cousin and 2 aunts have all seen or experienced strange events, it seems to be the women's problem. Have you heard of any events like these?

One thing that helped me 6 years ago was hypnotism, which I wasn't sure worked at first but I guess it did. I haven't had any really scary events, mostly dreams, lately. She told me about free will, and prayer works when that creepy feeling comes along, too whichever positive force you believe in. I'm happy to say that my children don't seem to have any problems other then that one time. My children do occasionally wake up afraid in the night. Nobody talks about it much.

Thank you to this kind person for allowing me to post her story.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research

Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

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