New UFO Crash In Brazil Forest?
Explosion, Devastation... But No Wreckage

Report from Thiago Ticchetti

27th October 1999

A huge UFO was seen by hundreds of witnesses - some of them Kaiapoh Indians - when it crossed over the skies of Sao Felix do Xinguh on October 9th up in Parah State. This UFO fell down in the middle of the forest about 40 kms away from town.

It took some time for this information to reach the press because that region is slightly out of the day-to-day Brazilian media observation range. But on last Monday, October 25th , the Brazilian Network "Bandeirantes" presented a special report on this occurence.

"Destruction, fire, fear" - these were the words used by Bandeirante's correspondent for Parah State, Ronaldo Vilhena, to describe the fall of such a strange object that flew low over Sao Felix city, where the population works mostly with cattle and wood extraction.

Although the Bandeirante special report has not dealt specifically with the possibility of this occurrence to be of extra terrestrial nature, the implications were quite clear.

It was Saturday, October 9th, around 4 pm. It was a normal, beautiful day when the population of Sao Felix city heard a enormous thundering and right after that, they spotted a bright object flying over the city, leaving this smoke trail behind it - it looked pretty much like a rocket smoke trail.

This smoke track clearly indicated the direction followed by this weird flying object, after passing over the city, disappearing among the mountains about 30 kms away.

Some seconds later on, the population of Sao Felix [and Kaiapoh indians from 4 different tribes] heard a gigantic explosion - as described by one of the witnesses Gildemar de Souza: "It was more like a big explosion, like a bomb, that trembled the ground". The impact and the explosion of this object became the main subject of talk in town.

Bandeirantes Network going beyond its competitors, sent a exploration team to that area to find out what really happened near Xingu river. The hypotheses of a big meteorite was a real possibility among this team - once again, nobody mentioned an alien vehicle. There had been some speculation [inside Bandeirantes] also about the possibility of a spy airplane from somewhere that had suffered an accident, since no red alert was started, in search of any Brazilian aircraft.

Two geologists participated in this expedition. No ufologist or airplane crash specialist were informed about the event at that time.

Flying in this small mono-engine airplane, this team left Sao Felix, heading towards Maria Preta indian tribe, about 50 kms away. Then, as they approached the impact zone, they used a small boat to go up Xingu river, getting close the border between Parah state and Mato Grosso state.

There, they found another Kaiapoh tribe, who was nearer the impact place. "That thing was very...very big,...the ground shook up" said this Kaiapoh indian named Kruakruque. With the help of two other Kaiapoh indians, this exploration team finally got to the crash site, where the some parts of woods were still on fire - "16 days after the incident". What they found out there was impressive: hundreds of trees torn off the ground completely destroyed and still burning/smoking but, no evidence or residue of any aircraft, meteorite - plus no marks on the soil. Something had obviously impacted the ground and left no clues, of what it could have been. Simply "nothing". Very strange!!

"It's very frustrating, coming all this way up here to see all this devastation and no evidence of what could have caused this disorder" - said one of the geologists: Romulo Angelica. His colleague, geologist Nelio Rezende also said: "we found this very strange because, we should see at least a crater here; but there is no crater around here. We honestly don't know what has happened".

No radioactivity was detected at the supposed crash site. The only things that really caught the team's attention besides the destruction of the trees and the fire, was this very "weird and unrecognizable smell in the air". "It was not burned wood smell, not gunpowder smell, not even burned fuel smell" - confirmed the Bandeirante's reporter.

No other information is available at the present time. We'll keep an eye on this story and any developments will be certainly reported.

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