Parma, Ohio - Perfect white circles between an opening in the clouds

Location: Parma, Ohio, USA (suburb of Cleveland, Ohio)

Date: Summer of 1958 to 1960 Mid afternoon local time

Approach Direction: From the West

Departure Direction: To the East

Witness Direction: To the North but looking straight up

Description: I saw several perfect white circles between an opening in the clouds

Color/Shape: Perfect white circles with a large open center like the letter "O"

Height & Speed: Appeared to hover above the clouds and hovered in the opening between the clouds. They were at least as long as the largest airplanes at that estimated altitude

TV/Radio/Press: It was a Sunday and I was listening to a Cleveland Indians vs Chicago White Sox baseball game on the radio (don't remember the radio station). I looked out the kitchen window up at the clouds and noticed the rings hovering against the blue sky between clouds. I watched them for several minutes as the clouds drifted by and the rings drifted with the clouds staying in perfect shape and in the opening in the clouds. At first I though they were water spots on the window, but since they moved with the clouds they could not be a fixed spot on the window.

I then went outside in the driveway to watch them and did so for several more minutes. I looked away for a second, and when I looked back they were gone but the opening in the cloud was still there. Later that afternoon there were radio reports of people seeing the same ring shaped objects that I did.


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