The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
September 22, 2004

SOURCE: El Sureño (Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego)
DATE: September 19, 2004

**Behind Le Martial Glacier**

Part of the Forest was Destroyed by the Mysterious "Fireballs"

Traces of destruction in a forested area measuring 150 square meters: that is what was found in the area in which the mysterious "fireballs" impacted. Sheared pastures were found in another area.

The most curious detail, which was made known yesterday, is that the damage was caused in the upper part of the trees -- some eight meters above the ground -- and that no prints were found on the ground that could serve as evidence for the collision of some strange object.

This appeared in a report broadcast by the "Botella al Mar" news portal based on an expedition conducted by two individuals to the alleged "fireball" impact site.

The report mentions Fernando García and Roberto Ceballos, who were in a forested area located behind the Le Martial Glacier and who took photos of the damage inflicted upon some 40 trees.

The expeditionaries ascertained the existence of some "thirty or forty uprooted trees, some of them broken in half and others exploded, all of them lying on the ground in a south-north direction."

It should be noted that a group of policemen from the Special Services Division also took photos at the site where the "fireballs" allegedly fell.

It is reported that pasture areas appear as though having been cut by a lawnmower, and that the imprint of a long trail was left behind, as if an object had been dragged along several meters.

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Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology
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