The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
May 30, 2005

Source: Periódico "El Chino" (newspaper)
Date: 05.27.05


What would happen if the existence of alien life - and the fact that it lives among us - was confirmed? The answer is in the hands of the military, who possess the documents and evidence regarding UFO sightings, handled by the United States as super-secret information. The disclosure, says Mario Zegarra, a [UFO researcher] would prove that man is only a primitive creature in the face of extraterrestrial intelligence.


Mario Zegarra claims that the Peruvian Armed Forces, specifically its Air Force (FAP) conceal information on UFOs seen in various parts of the country, which is made known not to the national government, but to the U.S. and the agencies researching the areas where the strange craft were detected.

The armed forces and senior police officials cover up the information, considering it to be top-secret. "Claiming that extraterrestrial life exists not only in other galaxies, but upon Earth itself, is a rejection of scientific theories on human evolution; in other words, the humanity's forebears are not apes, but aliens," explained ufologist Mario Zegarra. "Being a superior civilization and possessing advanced knowledge, it would dismantle U.S. power. The military itself has sighted UFOs from its craft. However, they must hold their peace, as it is classified information that is best kept from the public."

The spacecraft described by the military are allegedly manufactured using a solid material that is different from materials on Earth. Zegarra adds that we are on the brink of another UFO wave as intense as those which have been occurring at periodic intervals for the last 40 years.

One of the top secret documents presented by Dr. Zegarra states that on May 9, 1980, while a group of military officers from the FAP were beginning their daily formation on the Mariano Melgar air base in the La Joya district (Arequipa), they detected the presence of a UFO at the end of the runway and at a height of 1,800 feet above the surface. The object, resembling a weather balloon used for maritime navigation, was moving over the area near the airport. For this reason, Oscar Santa María, the pilot of one of the fighters, was given the order to take off and intercept the object. After a third pass, the pilot opened fire on the object without causing any apparent damage, moving away quickly.

The second sighting has a special characteristic, as it is described as a shining object, according to a translation of the official Pentagon report, a document made available through the Freedom of Information Act and featuring the eyewitness account of Maj. Santa Maria Huertas (Ret.)'s persecution of a UFO aboard his Sukhoi Su-22.

At Puerto Maldonado in 1952, customs chief Domingo Troncoso managed to photograph a UFO. The object was moving along in silence, leaving a long and dense contrail in its wake. Its estimated speed was fifteen hundred miles an hour.

In 1967 another flying saucer was photographed by Augusto Arranda in Yungay, as he hiked the soaring mountains of the region. In 1966, an extraterrestrial object came in for a landing at the Talara air base.

In 1979, a three-legged extraterrestrial vehicle landed in Chachapoyas. The following year a FAP interceptor pursued a UFO but was unable to reach it on account of its speed. This incident took place in the vicinity of La Joya in Arequipa.

Mario Zegarra states that the persons holding the proof are the military and the intelligence services. The accounts provided by Dr. Zegarra coincide with the ones given by researcher J.J. Benítez, who states that military personnel having access to this information insist that the public is not ready to know the truth.

Researchers Zegarra and Benítez claim that there have been hundreds of UFO sightings over or near military bases, atomic silos, warships, transport and combat aircraft, due to the potential for destruction they can cause. In this regard, anyone who dares disclose secret documents kept in any army, police or air base could even be "terminated".

Translation (c) 2005, Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).
Special thanks to Alex Sender.

UFOINFO would like to thank Scott Corrales for granting permission to use this article.


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