On Friday June 17, 2005 KTVK-TV News Phoenix announced that the alleged UFO video over Phoenix is a fake. The tv newscast denounced Brian Bessent planned as the hoaxer.

Brian Bessent, a Texas resident and owner of the UFO Theatre website sells the DVD Signs from the Sky for a living. He is also a musician.

As a colaborator for Scott Davis, Producer KTVK-News Phoenix I have been involved in this investigation that comes to a conclusion in a short period of time, just two weeks.

I would like to point out some relevant facts that lead to this conclusive end for the investigation. In chronological order as an account of the events in the two weeks period.

A) On wednesday June 8, 2004 a story of a new UFO sighting was published at Rense.com. The report submitted by " Brian " told about his alleged UFO sighting on Sunday June 5, 2005 at around 10:00 PM outside the Wal-Mart parking lot in Phoenix. Brian presented a video as well as several still frames. Brian declared he shot the video using a tripod at first and later on handheld. The camera was in night shot mode.

B) That same morning June 8 I read the article and visited the UFO Theatre website. I took a look into the Signs from the Sky webpage and I discovered the same still frames from the video on display there along with other images. The DVD Signs from the Sky has been for sale for sometime and this is the webpage to place orders. Credit cards banners are all over.

I got disconcerted as the legend above the frames said: Screen shots from Movie implying this alleged new June 5 2005 video shot just two days before was included already in the DVD.

Exhibit No. 1: http://www.evox.com.mx/google_new_mirror/

I immediatelly sent a message to them asking for an explanation of this anomalie and questioning if these images were just being uploaded to the DVD's webpage intentionally to increase the sales of the DVD displaying the new spectacular images along with the others. At the same time I denounced that displaying video images that were not included in the DVD was a fraud for the customers. Therefore my inquiry had these two interrogative issues that needed to be explained.

The next day I received a reply saying that in fact it was an error in indexing files etc. The mentioned still frames were removed.

C) On June 9, 2005 KTVK-TV News CH-3 Phoenix released the story and began an investigation on the case. The next days they followed the story with updates and more interviews.

D) On June 10, 2005 I joined the Scott Davis, Producer KTVK-TV CH-3 Phoenix research team as a colaborator/consultant for their investigation on this case.

E) On Sunday June 12, 2005 Jim Dilettoso, video analyst from Phoenix was interviewed on national radio show in Mexico City regarding the alleged UFO video. Delattoso declared the video was a fake and gave details of his findings.

Exhibit No. 2: http://www.evox.com.mx/google_new_mirror/
Select MP3 # 1

F) Scott Davis Producer and KTVK-TV requested Brian Bessent to submit his original footage to be properly analyzed to clear any doubt about it's authenticity. Bessent finally agreed. On June 14, 2005 I was informed by Scott Davis that Jim Dilettoso will be allowed to analyze the original footage by Brian Bessent in a meeting to take place the next day June 15 with tv cameras recording the event.

"Bessent finally agreed to submit his camera and original videotape for professional analysis and he also agreed to allow our news cameras to document the process."

That same night June 14, Brian Bessent was interviewed by Jeff Rense on radio. Bessent declared that he was going to allow Jim Dilettoso to analyze the original footage.

Exhibit No. 3: http://www.evox.com.mx/google_new_mirror/
Select MP3 # 2

G) June 15, 2005. Everything was ready and set for the meeting with Jim Dilettoso, Scott Davis and the KTVK-TV News crew with cameras ready to roll. Brian Bessent NEVER SHOWED UP !!

He later sent an email saying he just changed his mind.

However KTVK News continued with the programmed video analysis in Brian Bessent's absence using the digital copy of the footage taken from the transfer made before by them.

G) June 17, 2005. KTVK-TV News announced at 8:00PM on Channel 3 that the June 5, 2005 UFO over Phoenix story was a hoax exposing the facts of the faked footage made by Brian Bessent.

This is not the first time that Brian Bessent has been in trouble with fake videos. In 2003 Brian Bessent tried to deceive the people claiming he videotaped a ufo flotilla over San Saba Texas. The video was posted in his website UFO Theatre. The footage resulted a flock of birds and was disqualified immediately by the ufologists. See Brian's birds flotilla:

Exhibit No. 4: http://www.geocities.com/brian_bessent/sansaba2003.mpg

Short later Brian Bessent surprisingly attempted again to deceive the people with a new alleged ufo flotilla video he claimed this time was the real thing. This new video resulted another flock of birds. The ufo community began to laugh about Bessent's naivety. Needless to say Brian removed immediatelly both videos from his ufo theatre website.

Here's Bessent second birds flotilla video:

Exhibit No. 5: http://www.geocities.com/brian_bessent/ufotheatrehoax2.mpg

During the course of this investigation I got a video from Germany made by Wahrheit recreating Bessent's footage and describing the step-by step proccess of how Brian's fake was made. Interestingly the term Flash animation was also mentioned.

Exhibit No. 6: http://cmath.free.fr/signes/wahrufopart2MP4.mov

At the same time I sustained a correspondence with Jerald Doerr, Hollywood's award nominee and CGI wizard in reference to the alleged UFO footage by Bessent. Jerald also gave me his tutorial of a step-by- step proccess how this footage was produced. Jerald has been kind enough to offer to make his own recreation as a contribution to this investigation. We are waiting his recreation to be finished these days.

As a summary of this Brian Bessent's affair I may say that it has been so unfortunated, so regrettable that this man from Texas arrived to Phoenix just to contaminate the Phoenix Lights scenario with his controversy and his ominous hoax.

This has been certainly an offence for all of those honest and legitimate ufo witnesses that put Phoenix at the top of the Ufological scenarios in March 13, 1997. It's clear that Brian Bessent not only deceived the people, the Phoenix residents and KTVK-TV News but also tried to take advantage of the Phoenix Lights case in order to sell his DVDs.

This was a short investigation indeed due to the evident facts of the hoax commited along with the obscure background of the character. There are more elements and facts in this investigation, I just appointed some of them here.

A complete report and summary by KTVK-TV News Phoenix here:


Santiago Yturria
OVNI Investigaciones

UFOINFO Note: The KTVK-TV headline is "Texan's UFO video thought to be hoax"

Late news from Santiago:

Dear Friends,

I'm sending you this new link to the recreation video made by Wahrheit from Germany of the Phoenix Video.

The old link given by me don't work anymore because the webpage of the French researcher received so many hits at the same time yerterday the server excedeed its bandwidth and the file was removed by the server's manager. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This time I strongly suggest you download the video first - Right click your mouse and then select Save target As - instead of streaming video. Quicktime format, 27 MB.


The recreation is under the title:

The Virtual Recreation Of The Same UFO Video





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