HBCC UFO Research Notice: (I left the photo as a large size (#1 - 67.3 ks and #2 - 386 ks). About This Article: I finally was able to speak with the gentleman who took the photo, today Sunday, September 19, 2004. He is sending me a large copy of the photo for examination.

Around June 6, 2004 at Peace River, Alberta, a resident by the name of Bill Devitt took a photo on 98th Street. There was nothing unusual about the area where the photo was taken. Bill just took a picture of some construction work which was being done in the area.

Later when the roll of film was finished, Bill took it in for developing to the Extra Foods’ Photo Lab in Peace River, Alberta where he resides. When he collected the photos from the lab he was totally shocked to see what showed up. As he looked at the photos he discovered one which appeared to have a beam of light which came out of a clear blue sky. As the beam of light dropped down from above there appeared on the roadway, a human-like silhouette. Keep in mind that Mr. Devitt had not seen the beam or possible figure when he took the shot.

Bill was amazed and as he showed the photos to the residents of Peace River they wondered if it might be some unknown phenomena or a divine sign .. especially since the construction taking place in the area photographed was for the building of a new Kingdom Hall - (Jehovah's Witness).

Some have discarded the idea of it being something unusual, thinking there may have been some damage caused to the picture in the development. But when the reporter for the Peace River Record Gazette approached the technicians at the photo lab, a Lisa Bojanowski, who works in the lab said the beam of light came up when the film was developed. Her colleague Deanna Stuckey, who also works there agreed with her that the beam of light is not the product of double exposure or of any technical defect that they knew of. Still, some believe what showed up on the photo is a technical incident with the camera, like a drop of water on the lens.

When you enlarge the photo, the source of the beam of light seems like it comes out of nowhere. You can obviously see the human-like shape near the ground. Some other unusual occurrences have also taken place around Mr. Bill Devitt since he took this one bizarre photo.

Whatever caused the image in the photo, be it Alien, Spiritual or something else unknown, it remains an extremely interesting image that has thousands talking about it.

Picture is ©2004Bill Devitt.

Many thanks to Mr. Bill Devitt for such a great photograph and for granting me permission to release it. All enquiries relating to this story can be directed to me, Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research.

Footnote: I became aware of this story due to the kindness of one of the area residents who passed the story along to me after he'd seen Bill's strange photograph in the local newspaper. He got additional photographs of the area for me and I'm extremely grateful for his help.

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Brian Vike, Director
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