Chile : UFO heads for pickup truck

Translation (C) 2003 Scott Corrales IHU

DATE: April 22, 2003


** Roberto Caceres, 36, lived through a terrifying experience last February in Chile's 9th Region**

SANTIAGO, April 17 -- Electrical engineer Roberto Caceres experienced a terrifying ordeal last summer as he drove his pickup truck from Temuco to Freire in Chile's 9th Region. For 15 minutes he was followed by a light that caused him to lose control of his vehicle momentarily.

Caceres, 36, is married and once a year heads to the country's southern reaches to make contacts for his electrical appliances stor. Last February, he was driving his LUV pickup from Temuco to the small town of Freire.

- So what happened during the trip?
- I was driving along very calmly. Some 15 minutes from Temuco, I saw a strange white light on my right that was matching my speed. I thought it was the train, but it wasn't.

- And what was it?
- That's what I'm still wondering. Worst of all is that in a matter of seconds that light crossed right in front of my pickup truck. The UFO headed for my truck. I swerved to avoid it several times. It nearly hit me.

- What shape did the light have?
- It must have been the shape of a football. But I don't think it had a defined body - it was pure light.

- Did it make any noise?
- No, at least not that I could hear. But it moved at incredible speeds.

- Were you afraid?
- Of course, the thing was coming for me and I knew it wasn't anything known. Besides, it was very dark outside.

- And no one else witnessed the light?
- I think several other cars behind me must have seen it. I didn't have any time to ask. The time was around 22:00 hours.

- Were any prints left behind on the pickup truck?
- No. The first thing I did the next morning was check to see if it had any prints or marks, but there were none. At times I thought that the light had touched the truck..

- Were there any electrical aberrations or engine problems when the alleged UFO appeared?
- No, everything worked normally. The lights were on and the engine was running.

- After that, did the trip continue without incident?
- It was normal in quotation marks, because I kept thinking about that UFO I'd seen. The rest of the trip was otherwise normal

- Did you believe in UFOs prior to the experience?
- Yes. I always liked the subject. But from February until now I've become even more curious about the subject. I think we cannot be alone in this immense universe.

Translation (C) 2003 Scott Corrales IHU
Special thanks to Christian Riffo and Guillermo Gimenez

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