Problems Attributed To An Unknown Force
UFOs, Ghosts & Entities In The Home

Message: Hi, my family and myself, my daughter, sometimes friends too, have been having experiences since the 50's that I'm sure of. I had only one sibling that I discussed this with and he has since died. It is very strange and it took years for me to realize that something indeed was going on. I, and my daughter, have had many paranormal things happen. Clock phenomena, water and coin materialization, electrical phenomena, streetlight thing, you name it. Ghosts, knocks, noises, UFO sightings, entities in the home, levitation, being in spaceships, bruises, dots, triangles, the works. I could write a book. I have moved many, many times, it follows me. Lived in several "haunted houses". It goes on and on. Had an experience just 3 nights ago.

Plus, my family has been pretty dysfunctional. Anger problems, I go from job to job, probably have had 50 or 60 jobs. Problems with "authority" and so on. Substance abuse. Relationship problems. I don't know how much of my personal problems can be attributed to this unknown force, but I believe had I not nor my family, gone through all this, we might be completely different. It does help to know that we are not the only ones that believe we are experiencing this. So weird, though, as I do not tell most people as they would view me as a nut. Not that I care, but I have a strange aversion to talking about it. Just trying to think about writing all this stuff down, to write down everything that I know about myself and my family, just tires me to think about it. It sounds like "too much". I believe they encourage me to keep quiet. There is alot of other strange stuff too, my dad was in the navy and I think something happened with that too, and later after he was out, I think our family was "tagged" or "flagged". Who knows. Anyway, thank you for listening.

Additional Information:

Hi Brian, Thank you for responding. Actually, I am not expecting help and I don't think anyone can and I'm "used to it" now. I just thought, for the sake of research someone might find it interesting or useful. My dad worked the oilfields in the 50's and 60's and we, even before I was born, lived in some remote places including New Mexico. I would have to ask one of my brothers the names of the places we lived when I was young. He has a better memory of that stuff than me. We moved alot. When I was 9 we moved to Missouri, Greene county, and that is where I live now. But I moved Texas 6 years ago and lived there 5 years, Hidalgo County, and then back here a year ago. There are countless things I could relate. Here is one. When I moved here, where I am living now, I had secured this house but hadn't any furniture in it yet. So a good friend of mine let me stay a couple of nights at her and her hubby's place.

They have an old farmhouse out in the country. I stayed in the upstairs, two large adjoining attic bedrooms. Just me and my little dog. So anyway, we had been to town and had a couple of drinks and came back to their place. I had maybe two drinks and was not impaired. So everyone went to bed, me and my dog Missy went upstairs and got in bed and I just could not go to sleep, for like 3 hours even though I was very comfortable and cozy with my surroundings. And I wondered then, if that meant something was going to happen, as that's usually how it starts out. So after 2 and 1/2 or 3 hours, I finally go to sleep and dream that a gang of little thug-type persons have surrounded me and are touching me all over and I am begging and begging them not to and I just hate for them to touch me. And I feel very heartbroken and devastated that they keep on touching me and I hate it and they won't quit. Also, they are zinging me with electric shocks from their hands.

Shooting me with these electrical like shocks. And this goes on and in my dream there is like 4 or 5 of them and they are "bad guys" and I hate them. Anyway, so I wake up in a split second, my eyes just fly open. And when they do, I can hear something or someone scrambling up on the roof, above my head. Like someone is scrambling up the incline of the roof and my dog, who is a Pomeranian, is laying against me and she is awake and staring towards the roof where the noise is coming from. She hears it too, and she is not barking which is very, very unusual for her as she is the yappiest dog ever and absolutely will not shut up most of the time, when she hears a noise. So I think to myself, wow, that was no dream! I go back to sleep without too much trouble. So the following day, I am moving in my house, this house I am in now, and puttering about when I feel something in my nose and I check it out and pull out a roundish, disk-like bloody scab, about the size of an aspirin. No bleeding or anything else, just this one roundish, bloody scab. And I'm thinking it has something to do with the "dream/memory".

There is alot more stuff, but this is one incident. This was in Greene county Missouri. Also, my parents are deceased now, but I remember them talking about UFO sightings where the whole neighborhood saw cigar shaped UFOs pass over, I believe this was in New Mexico. Anyway, I will write more of what I have experienced if you care to hear it.

Thank you to the person for relating part of their experience.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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